North Rhine Rector

Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia complain about significant loss of students students desperately seeking! So, one can understand the public appeal of Munster main school Rector, who complains of low new registrations of elementary school students to the 4.Klasse at his school. With his public appeal makes the Rector on an attention problem that spreads out quietly in the entire State. Learn more on the subject from Childrens Defense Fund. Fewer pupils choose the secondary school after the 4.Klasse. In metropolitan areas with average or above-average education of adults, especially the schools, so the Rector, have suffered from the general school discussion. Middle school has even more discredited than it already was.

Good 20 percent chose the main school until a few years ago, in the editing so the proportion is today clearly among them. More and more schools have set already throughout their operation, because they can no longer meet the section 82 of the Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia, which stipulates a minimum Zweizugigkeit of schools. More schools are short the off. Not quite inconvenient, this development of the provincial government might come, which already toying with the abolition of this submitter. But the real problems in schools: indiscipline, poor concentration, violence, etc. will not die with the disappearance of this, they are moved to other schools.

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