Ormos Ay Saranda

Yacht Charter skipper can do here are some repairs for your boats. In You can free anchor close in the Cove of Ormos Ay Saranda. Here, your yacht from all winds is well protected, so mooring is quite safe. You feel day 3 for your next stopover in a major city, in Galaxidi, located in a beautiful, mountainous region. Here, Yacht Charter skipper on the strong winds should be attentive, because you can make the journey more difficult. The islands off the Mainland are worth a visit especially Agios Giorgios and the smaller islet of romantic. The port offers Yacht Charter crews not only good anchorages, but also some beautiful sights and good conditions such as gas, electricity and water, all at very low prices in the night it is pretty loud that night life in the Greek taverns and bars is very alive. Take in consideration that you can see the Oracle of Delphi here and this is another reason to do so, to moor at this port with your boat during a sailing trip in Greece.

Korintischer golf day 4 GriechenlandSegeln, in the direction of the Corinthian channel, a busy waterway, which saves you the Umsegeln of the Peloponnesian Peninsula the sailors. And even if a bit pricey, the sailing here is worth between the almost vertical Cliff about. After passing through the channel, navigate South in the Saronic Gulf, which from Yacht Charter skipper share can sail either to the larger ports like Piraus or Athens or to the eastern coast of the Peloponnesian peninsula. You can create small Korfos Bay at the end of your trip in the Corinthian Gulf. Here you will find not only good anchorages, but also a romantic promenade to the North with traditional taverns and restaurants where you can try local dishes. The Corinthian Gulf has many nice surprises for those who dare to spend a Greece Yacht Charter vacation on less frequented routes of the Mediterranean.

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