Painting People

The copy drawing focuses attention in the exterior reality, and is indicated in people who fantasiam, compelling to perceive them it and to reproduce the reality as it is. The immense difficulty that finds in producing is not alone the fear to make a mistake, is the proper difficulty to give aiming in its life. It is indicated for dispersed, sonhadoras people, confused daily pay-adolescents and adolescents. It develops the aesthetic sense, fixing the external way. In the free drawing, the people enter in contact with its internal reality, leaving to flow contents that are the point to emerge. In the directed drawings, those facts from a subject that the therapeutic art-psico chooses, the individuals enter in contact, with its reality, mobilizing blocked emotions that they need to emerge.

Indicated for depressed people, with tnus vital lowered. How much to the monochromatic drawings they propitiate the work with superficial emotions, in peripheral level. Already the colorful drawings allow the work with deep emotions. The analysis of the drawing is not necessary, and yes analysis of the interpretation of the individual with regard to the fact. 3.1.2? Painting The more expression, more self-knowledge and more autoconfiana.

The painting, as well as the drawing, can be free, of directed copy or. With the painting, it works estruturao and emotional the affective area, arriving at the balance of the emotions. the more flowed the ink, more emotional is the result. When the painting flows, is born emotions and feelings there. Emotional the affective sphere is more including, therefore the flicks remember the respiratory flow, the life in itself. The used inks generally are: gouache, watercolor, aniline, oil, acrylic and nanquim. The ink gouache demands greater has controlled of movement, liberates emotions and stimulates the imagination. The watercolor, which had its slightness, and the obligator water use, mobilizes the affective side still more. Indicated for very rational people and with affective difficulties.

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