Partner – Sponsor Of Sleep Apnea E. V. Since Now Over 10 Years

Land pressure Wuppertal supports our Organization in terms of sleep apnea – snoring – sleep disorders now over 10 years when we founded us in 1996, didn’t know we still, how large the scope of our work will be. Others who may share this opinion include World Travel & Tourism Council. End of 1999 we our first Snorer brought news out, with a circulation of 20,000, still in black and white printing. Swarmed by offers, CBC is currently assessing future choices. All cost estimates, however, were too expensive for us, because I came across the idea, my old friends, Carmen & Dieter, but time to ask. They didn’t know at the time still, what you’re getting into. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Borgen Project. Of snoring, sleep apnea, by snoring, had no idea at the time, but even now “professionals”.

Over the years developed a connection that has kept until today. We could not send the annual more than 6,000 newsletters, the many, many prints, without your help. promotion/159.html how important the topic: “Snoring treatment” is, it became clear very quickly either. At a small snack to the 10-year support, it was agreed that, as long as this allows the economic situation, our Organization is further supported and land shall be pressure of Wuppertal, next a major sponsor of us. currently on 16 January 1996, the Club sleep apnea e.

V. of Germany’s patient organisation sleeping in the register of associations of the Amtsgericht Wuppertal was registered. Our goal is and was to use us for publicity and the topics snoring – sleep apnea – sleep disorders to publish, where it always goes. In January 1997, we got our own PC, and in the spring of 1997, we went with our first “Sleep apnea” homepage on the Internet. Contact: Sleep apnea e. V.

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