Personal Scent

Welcome to the fascinating world of fragrances… The most sensual expression of individuality and well-being is the personal fragrance. This spoils your soul and underlines your personality according to your style and personal taste. The perfume set y A O YOUR ABSOLUTE OWN will take you on a sensual journey. You need to only some time and discovery. We take you into the world of the perfumers and subsequently, in five easy steps to your personal and unique perfume! Has the correct richer for discerning fragrance lovers Y.A.O..

(your absolute own). The perfume consists of a base scent as well as playful manages eight noble scent of accords with those, to create a distinctive personal smell. The perfume set is available in two versions: the base scent Nr. 1 Ouverture (120 ml) is presented with citrus and rosy floral heart notes and a base made of wood and musk in deceptively warm touch. While Nr. 2 Vivage (120 ml) with a refreshing Mix of green notes and Mandariene as well as on the basis of wood and musk accents is a floral heart notes. No wishes remain both base fragrances are fragrance accords any with the a total of eight can be combined.

Practical: The sets include a pipette, test strips and two bottles of hand bag suitable for an illustrated brochure. On the basis of the successful fragrance seminars which Y.A.O..

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