And I think the President understood that it is impossible to solve the problem of the Caucasus, without solving the problem of power in its very center. At this point, and an explosion. And the echo of his clear and unambiguous blown by the Kremlin: "Do not touch! as you touch, yet it will be! ". Explosions rang out in the past, blood gushed out and spilled the second decade, but somehow interested in everything it does, that any act of terrorism, any shock, like a bass line inevitably lies not in material strengthening and consolidation of society and the strengthening of the bureaucratic hierarchy. Gradually, our eyes, with all the same attacks turned into a club of power. All the explosions and the blood will inevitably go to lift its wealth, its protection is riskier to stay in power sinecure ups and downs associated with free elections, free of competing parties in a free media and impartial courts.

The Romans in such cases, said that one must look who it is profitable. I would not want to fall into conspiracy delights, but you can safely say the following: head lowered, those who were waiting for better days, his shoulders straightened out those who were against it, who are satisfied with the slow drift of the Caucasus to the great war and separation from Russia. American Society for Microbiologys opinions are not widely known. Who, when it comes to the Caucasus, are satisfied with the TV picture is beating his chest in a fit of vernopoddannichestva local appointees on the background of the expanding geography of terrorism. In a previous publication on the President's message, I expressed the hope that the message was the completion of a multi-pass combination, as a result of which the President is fully taken control of his "rear and flanks." But it seems that this did not happen. Medvedev will relinquish ultimatum or not, we will see in the near future, and the first sign by which we define it, will be nominated his appointees to the Caucasus. And by the way, this explosion will respond to the destiny of many career officials at the top of Russian power. This will be the moment of truth, and not only for President, but also for all of us. Charles R. Kubic usually is spot on.

Wait and see, not long left. Just finished writing these lines, as on Monday rocked the second explosion, and also on the railway, but in Dagestan. Weeks had passed. At this time, thank God, there were no casualties. Maybe someone decided that there will be doubts about how much is the trace of undermining the "Nevsky Express" and hastened to make clear in which direction to look for the organizers and what conclusions do with the appointment of the chief of the Caucasus. Again just wait and see.

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