Red Hot Chili Peppers

1994 Gilby Clarke left the band, because it entered in discord with Axl Rose. 1996 Steven Adler gained a process moved against the band with relation the profits of the record ‘ ‘ Appetite Will be Destruction’ ‘. Slash fought with Axl and also it left the band. Axl Rose bought the rights of the name Guns N? Roses. Here, World Health Organization expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 1998 recorder Geffen Records launched a called video ‘ ‘ Welcome You the Videos’ ‘ with the thirteen clips of the band.

A great change in the band happened, of the old formation they had only been Axl Rose and Dizzy Reed. The guitarists Robin Finck (former-Sing to sleep Inch Nails) and Paul Huge, the stock exchange operator Tommy Stinson (former-The Replacements) and the baterista Josh Freese had entered (former-Infectious Grooves). 1999 Robin Finck left and Navarrese Dave (former – Red Hot Chili Peppers) was contracted to record music ‘ ‘ Oh My God’ ‘ of the film End of the Days. Later it finished its contract and it also it left. The recorder launched in November a double record to the living creature of the old formation, called ‘ ‘ Live Age 87-93’ ‘. The 2000 baterista Josh Freese left group, after of two years of contract. Who came back was the guitarist Robin Finck and had been contracted: Buckethead (alone guitarist), Bryan ‘ ‘ Brain’ ‘ Mantia (baterista former-Primus) and Chris Pittman (tecladista), but this only for the presentations to the living creature. The 2001 Guns N’ Roses touched in ‘ ‘ House Of Blues’ ‘ of Wools Vegas, having as opening band the Goo Goo Dolls.

The presentation soon happened after the turn of the year. In day 14 of January, the band if presented in the Rock in River 3, where they had almost touched 21 musics during two hours and stocking of show. Set list was composed of old and new musics: ‘ ‘ Madagascar’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Chinese Democracy’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The Blues’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Silkworms’ ‘ , beyond cover made by Robin Finck of ‘ ‘ Sossego’ ‘ of Mayan Tim. The Buckethead guitarist is with health problems and therefore turn European only goes to happen in December and thus they had postponed the launching of ‘ ‘ Chinese Democracy’ ‘.

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