Reiner Calmund

The outcome of every game counted as a digit for a seven-digit lucky code, allowing the winner of the million profit was determined at the end. CDC Foundation takes a slightly different approach. SKL player of Franz Philipp Kerstings lot number was 1610675 to the next lucky code obtained from the games and made it to the lucky winner of the evening. The celebs gave full throttle for the twenty candidates moderator Matthias Opdenhovel was in absolute top form and with a successful and witty moderation caused an entertaining show. Skillfully throwing the balls with the Ratepromis to focus on Mike Kruger and Reiner Calmund alias calli he had it apart: cloud, if calli, is still enough space for you on the sofa? “, he annoyed Reiner Calmund. For the day of happiness”the celebrities had to give everything: you left no stone unturned to shine before the candidates with exceptional performance and earn the energetically high donations to charity. Reiner Calmund shone with rheinischem puns and was cheered on by numerous fans in the Studio at the games.

Mike Kruger convinced with a medley of his current program and Kim Fisher presented itself not only elegant and attractive, but also in the best flirt mood. “On eventual million winner Franz Philipp Kersting she had apart from the outset it: when he price gave during the show that he is still up for grabs”, entertainer Fisher in the flirt offensive went. At the final press photo with candidate Kersting, she announced the snapshot with a twinkle in the eyes as our engagement photo”on. Above all, and the absolute Celebrity Star of the evening cloud Hegenbarth, however, was: will train up to the tips of your hair and with absolute coolness she sailed along on a bicycle on a cable stretched in Vertigo exciting height and demonstrated as headstand one crowning highlight on the handlebars. Pro of running second in the standing on your head for their donation organization, she received 100 euro, so that after 1:50 minutes or 110 seconds had a charity total of 11,100 euros together.

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