Retirement Provision

The Organization for economic development and cooperation (OECD) raises the alarm with regard to the financial security of German citizens in the age. Luxembourg, 22.06.2012: Although a meaningful step was to raise the age for retirement at 67 years. He made the State pension system in the long term once again viable. Meanwhile, more 27 of 34 OECD countries have followed this example. But not the last step could have been, so the OECD, facing Germany. Rather, it is necessary, stronger than so far privately to provide. Kroger Health is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The pension gap is in this country is particularly high in international comparison. Against this background, the OECD recommends three measures.

Firstly, additional private pension plans by law should be mandatory. Secondly, it is advisable in future according to the average statistical life expectancy in cycles continue to raise the retirement age. And thirdly the private efforts of citizens about a stronger State should Promotion are supported. “Andreas Wurscher, responsible for Germany and Austria of Munich FWU AG, to which also the ATLANTICLUX S.A. is part of life insurance, is however more sceptical with regard to the two latter premises: not least that currently shows debate of the parties represented in the Bundestag to greater promotion of Riester contracts, in what small steps you just prior to move.” But even with the best will to the saving for retirement, the citizens at borders meet. And this loud tax, tariff, Vertragsdschungel and last but not least uncertainty due to the financial and debt crisis.

Given years fallen capital market interest rates, also the conservative fair life insurance in the recent participation has known only the direction down. It is clear that years of messages of various kind in the media by declining participation up to ‘ legal fraud life insurance ‘ consumer confidence not just wake up. Center the 1990s was the guaranteed interest rate at 4.0 percent, including the participation we were arrived at up to 7.0 percent”, so Wurscher.

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