Ross Antony Very Private

Entertainer, presenter and singer Ross Antony gives insights into his private life of VIP on immediately, Ross Antony keeps his fans two to three times a week to date, what happens backstage in his stage performances, films and in the recording Studio. After the first “meet & greet” on were his fans accompany him already in his own bed & Breakfast hotel “Little Gables” after Wallingford (England) and got even insights into his private home, where he lives with his husband, Paul Reeves, opera singer. But of course Ross does not stop even before his celebrity peers: Lucy Diakovska and Monica Ivancan had Ross’ tricky questions and his buddy and ex – ‘ BRO’SIS ‘ colleagues Giovanni Zarella Ross paid even a spontaneous visit in his restaurant kitchen. exclusive shows Ross’ video diary. Where he is on the ground, is included.

For example, in the German comedy award 2010″, prominent at the event” Charity Gala for Dunkelziffer e.V. or the 1live Crown “on December 2. Here, United Way Worldwide expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Exciting and funny details of Ross’ everyday life, backstage at photo shoots and movie premieres or on vacation, be divided exclusively and only on What you always wanted to know about your stars has it and it shows! The video-celebrity Portal stands for the hottest and most exciting video news.

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