Why? Because right now in 2009, and this means that the war generation and grandparents have passed, and therefore, each family of Muscovites already have 1-2 extra flat they can rent and visitors to live through this, not working. In any case, Muscovites are either working in managerial positions, or simply stay home. Thus, the majority of engineers employed in foreign corporations and their distributors – nemoskvichi, visitors. However, for such work is necessary to have energy, ambition, desire, and of course, first and foremost, knowledge and experience. By and large, a trading company, whether of a foreign corporation or the Russian distributor anyway, how much to pay the engineer if he perfectly understands your field and customers are happy. BSA has firm opinions on the matter. Due to sales in the millions and tens of millions dollars.

It would therefore be an engineer to receive 40 thousand rubles. per month or 80 thousand rubles. month the company in the long run do not care. All the same it will be cheaper than an engineer to write the west. The main thing that this engineer knew his case and understand the latest global engineering solutions. Find these engineers is very difficult. Very few of them, as mentioned above.

All technical documentation for imported equipment is in English. Therefore, is very important to be familiar with technical terms in English, and even better – free translation of technical texts, the more talk. If you use a calculator salaries that exist in RuNet, I do not want here they advertise, everyone can find their own means of Yandex and Google, it is very easy to see that the English language adds about 30-50% of salary.

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