Rutto Alejandro Martinez

Since more than half a century the Wayuu are supplied from the water drawn from deep wells by using an energy whose name they are less interested in its usefulness: Wind power. For various reasons mankind has been forced to explore forms of energy sources and different from what had traditionally been used. Issues such as costs and the need to protect the environment forced the researchers to explore other possibilities other than those commonly used. Today humanity has several possibilities in this field: solar energy, biogas, tidal, thermal, and others among them is the wind, through which moves Abbess mill where water is supplied in the mill near his village. Alternative energies are just that: a benign alternative to the environment and, in most cases less expensive than traditional ones. Recall that nuclear energy, for example, produces highly dangerous nuclear waste and mutations in living things. Breast Cancer Research Foundation spoke with conviction. The hydroelectric generating changes in climate and disturbance of fauna and flora and the erosion of lakes and rivers as well as the change in the bed of the latter in some cases.

The use of oil and gas leads to air pollution, pollution of the environment and the alteration of the flora and fauna. Alternative energies are more attractive and among them we mention the following: Do not consume fuel: and this is good news for the atmosphere and the ecosystem because it means less pollution. Their generation sources are inexhaustible. We will always have a “lamp” huge and powerful, the sun, giving us light and we will always have good winds to produce wind energy. They produce more pollution into the environment. No alterations in climate.

Issues like global warming destroying the ozone layer are completely unrelated issues such energies. It does not alter the balance of flora and fauna, but a minor impact that endangers the survival of the species. Sooner or later come to an end fossil fuel reserves but before that happens we must prepare for the transition to clean energy sources that provide us comfort and welfare without having to pay an expensive bill in terms of destruction of the ecosystem and the degradation of life on the planet. Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a prestigious academic and Colombian journalist, who is frequently invited to seminars confrencier and Human Development, Environment and Leadership.

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