San Sebastin

According to the legend next to Santiago, employer of Jinotepe, appeared floating in enormous boxes in Huehuete and being that, initially, San Sebastin was designated to Jinotepe and Santiago to Diriamba, at night the images changed of parishes, reason why in the end you cure of then arranged to leave Santiago in Jinotepe and San Sebastin it remained for always in the heart of its devotee ones in the city that it has more of a century to venerate it. These annual celebrations in honor to San Sebastin have, like important cultural detail, the characteristic of being the moment and original place of traditional presentation of the old national comedy-bailete knows that the Gegense or Macho Mouse, the Toro Guaco, the Diablitos, the Inditas and other personages of the folklore who have their origin in the Spanish colony, like an expression of revolt of the natives towards the conquerors, presents/displays during eight days in this city of colonial structure, located in the call plateau of the towns, 50 km to the northeast of Managua. These groups, integrated in their majority by faithfuls who pay San Sebastin some received favor, dance adorned in showy suits before the glance of hundreds of people who even arrive from all the country and from the foreigner, that are crowded together in the old sidewalks of the locality. The certain thing, that besides the Gegense, during these celebrations some traditional groups also present/display other dances folkloric of great visual and artistic interest like the Toro Huaco, the Giant, old and old or inditas. The dancers accompany with their showy traditional attires the processions by santo by the city. The day of the Top of the Saints, that this year will occur the 19 of January, are one of the most appropriate dates to appreciate these Nicaraguan cultural expressions. Original author and source of the article.

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