It talked in tone of critical, with a colleague, on the bitter taste of the coffee that served in the pantry. Still age of morning, when, suddenly, I heard an explosion. See acaho for more details and insights. This! It had an explosion! was working, then here! I also remember, as before, somebody to cry out something that I did not understand well, something on the approach of an aircraft. My sight is if accustoming I glimpse a tenuous and trembling yellow light to far. Now I can perceive that, to mine return, has destroos. It seems that the building fell down! Already it must have rescue teams working.

It will be that to find they go me? I feel I smell of burnt. The moans had diminished, and the apelos had ceased. Agreement scared with a great boom! My God! Not! I open the eyes I feel I smell dust fort! It is difficult to breathe or to open the eyes. The available space in the place where I am seems to have still more diminishing. I come back to be gasping. They had recommenced the shouts and the moans for all part I find that I go to go crazy! The moans had diminished, the dust and pain in the body also. Now I can see the source of the yellow light, are flames! It is being hot.

If it will have that to die, that I die soon, before the fire me reach. I hear something! Above of me it seems that the ceiling goes to ruir! Rocks fall on me! WHY I was to ask for to die? I am waked up with a strong light in the face. It seems that to blind it goes me! Somebody question if I am well. He will be an angel? Pain is as much that I do not obtain to answer. I try to understand what it is happening. I perceive that I am being removed of the destroos for volunteers and rank in a stretcher, when one of them looks at me in eyes and, as it was found that I asked for some reply says, me: ' ' Bombardeio&#039 was one; '. It was then that I felt the reconfortante sun of Bagd in my face. How Section is praised!

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