Special Project Gets Kids to School

Spanish, mathematics, social sciences, biology, local history, geography, sex education, italic, sports and art are part of the school schedule. “Everything that could prevent a child go to school, is covered by the project,” stresses Post. Two uniforms, backpacks, school supplies and textbooks are supplied to each student by the organization. To ensure that no child is learning on an empty stomach, students receive a daily breakfast and a hot lunch prepared in the kitchen by the chef placed. Increasing importance is also given to the learning of social interaction. Filed under: CBC. Children are proud of belonging to a sister school, an elementary school in Winchester, Massachusetts. They exchange information, both personal and cultural, and each year are co-authors of a book, sold to raise money for “Children.” The sister school students also collect money independently and collect school supplies for their friends in the Dominican Republic.

With the completion of 5th grade, children remain in a private local sister school, continuing their higher education until graduation, of course, still supported by the organization a Leonardo los Children Meredith . Everything has its price: the costs are approximately U.S. $ 36,000 per year. And there are plans for the future: the acquisition of land and construction of a school building with several classrooms to include kindergarten through 5th grade. With the hope that 75 children may have the opportunity to attend school. Donations are always welcome, whether they are monetary, food or school supplies are the most useful and 100% of each donation is used to support the expenses of the school. Post Anne has traveled to the island since 1999.

At first she had the idea of buying school uniforms for poor children, but this quickly became a pilot project where she covered the costs for the education of 15 children in a private school. From this moment, the project “Children and Leonardo Meredith” was incorporated in 2006 and received its 501 (c) (3) status as a nonprofit organization. Post chose the name of the project in memory of two young students, Leonardo Lopez and Meredith Quinn, who died tragically while pursuing their college education. For more information or contact.

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