SSRIs Risk

If within one month of these manifestations are not, worse, prevent you to work and lead a normal life – must necessarily refer to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Do I always have PTSD manifests itself after an injury right away? Symptoms of PTSD may occur after weeks, months, years. Some veterans PTSD occurred in the period retirement, 50 years after the war. Because of the Depression they could not even close to talk about the events of those days, when they returned from the front. Later and completing Godea commitment – to raise children, having retired, they began to emerge or trauma and emotional support. It is very important to work with thoughts, feelings related to trauma. DPDG therapy (EMDR) – 'Desensitization and reprocessing eye movement' today is considered first-line therapy for PTSD. Same psychotherapy.

In connection with the emotional aloofness and giperbditelnostyu in people with PTSD have problems in communicating with their loved ones. Other family members can be difficult to communicate with a person with PTSD – there may be a protest anger, fear and alienation, and other difficulties. Sometimes, sleep disorders and alcohol abuse can occur in family members. When working with children is especially important family therapy is also useful to help attract educators, teachers and social workers. Perhaps the use of medications to improve the quality of life of the patient at the time of passage of psychotherapy and treatment of related disorders such as depression, panic disorder, and others are primarily used antidepressants SSRIs. For even more analysis, hear from Boy Scouts of America. There is evidence of the effectiveness of antipsychotics for PTSD. Admission to hospital is necessary only at risk of suicide, murder, and the presence of severe comorbid psychiatric disorders – depression, substance abuse. That is to say about the unpleasant events that caused the injury? Yes, and not just once or twice.

Knowledge – the best way to coping with PTSD, so the consultants – psychologists and psychotherapists – are helping people to talk about the injury to cope with all the feelings and thoughts in the early stages and to cope with PTSD in the future. Attempt 'not to think about This' may cause or exacerbate PTSD. What is the prognosis of PTSD? It is difficult to determine the prognosis of PTSD, as conditions vary greatly in appearance and development of the disorder. Some people nepoluchaya help restore themselves within a year, sometimes in spite of treatment the patient commits suicide. According to studies in patients with PTSD who receive treatment, the average duration of symptoms is two times less than in those patients who do not receive treatment. About a third of patients do not recover from PTSD. Among the factors positively influencing the prognosis noted – the rapid initiation of treatment, early and current social support, prevent re-injury, the absence of injury before, and the absence of other psychiatric disorders or substance abuse. What if the PTSD is not treated? People with PTSD are at increased risk panic disorder, agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, specific phobias, MDD and somatisation disorders. Among people with PTSD at greater risk of alcoholism and drug addiction, most problems in communication and adaptation to work. Can profilaktirovat PTSD? To date, probably not. First, traumatic events are unpredictable and random. Secondly, it is impossible at present to predict which of Participants will develop the tragic events of PTSD, and who – no. The risk of PTSD among those directly traumatized. But at risk and rescuers and volunteers, psychologists working with affected, to a lesser extent vulnerable – firefighters, police, doctors and nurses. Lyubimova N., MD

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