St. Martin In The Dechenhohle

Daycare ‘No.1 in the gardens’ St. Martin differently. The children of the children place of the Diaconia of no.1 in the gardens”committed the traditional Lantern procession together with their parents in this year in a very special way. During a trip in the Iserlohn-based Dechenhohle, focused on the children in a festive atmosphere with Christian beliefs and could play by the way cave between stalactites and stalagmites and bats. Like small stars light up the home-made lanterns in the mysterious caves and create an exceptional atmosphere. In the Dim light of the Dechenhohle, bring the story of St. Martin to live musicians and actors and send the visitors on a journey back in the 4th century after Christ. 8 children of where of children in the gardens were this year”from swords and enjoyed the celebratory parade in the Dechenhohle.

St. Martin has even today a very special meaning for the children”, explains Silke Weinhold, Director of the Day care. The history of the benevolent Bishop makes aware them how important it is to share and to help other people. For the Evangelical kindergarten, visit Russian and Polish children, this is an important starting point in their daily work: faith is international and the Christian mission statement of our facility includes of course, to deal with other cultures and faiths. Martin’s day is a good example of this. Whether Catholic, Protestant, Anglican and orthodox, whether Martinus, the Holy connects Martin, Morten or Marzin cultures. The approaching Christmas season would now make intensive use of the team, together with the children of the children site to explain the various performances of the Christmas beliefs of other cultures and to promote tolerance towards other people. Parents who want to sign also your child in the child site, obtained Silke Weinhold under the phone number / 9393-60 more information. Currently, the institution has still four seats for children aged between three and six years.

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