If my dreams they speak of many things we know! And they talked about my dreams and I shared: ran the year, giving more. It may be today, it could have been yesterday, and it may be tomorrow. Children are always children, and we must love and respect them, because they are unique harvest. He left Oiluj-14 years of edad-a walk in the vicinity of the cottage where he spent weekends in the company of their parents. He walked escorted by his faithful dog Naybet, who licked him on his cheeks, as when dan kisses of charity among brothers. I stumbled across him, and told him: where are you going in such a hurry, boy? Perhaps, to enjoy the field on this day of rest, so beautiful, so happy.

Since then, Mr Zepol, you already know how I enjoy nature in the company of the chucho, replied. Had not gone more than two hours, when the cute boy returned to the speed that gave their legs, and, to the seem, their fears, given the countenance of fright that showed his face. What happens you boy?, I asked. You see, I have drunk water in Nas Odnesor source, and then I heard a voice as coming from the sky, I replied. That voice told me that happiness is not in this world, but in the other.

Later, Naybet and I fell into a deep sleep, and by our minds became – the galope-cientos of hooded people, who were carrying torches with black handles and pronounced the word hunger. Continuing saying: bread, bread for all our brethren who suffered the cruelest diseases: hunger. Shortly after, my dream or vision took me to a large cave where spoke the following invocations: Lord, what to see!, Lord, what hey!, Lord, what anden! at the end, and between fumes and mists, arose people with unrecognizable faces neither alive nor dead – that is zambulleron in huge bathtubs all singing and praising the God of all religions.

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