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We are looking for how to reach to the graces of the virtues?, why the attributes of prudence, wisdom and moderation are not precisely virtues of all young people, but there is a potential harmony between these. Otherwise we will enter in the misfortune of the desenfrenos bad habits will corrode the decency and this disjointed, the nobility oxidizes your beauty, the lawfulness of behavior no longer makes sense, the fight by ideal low its tenor of excellence to become simple yearning for personal satisfaction. Forget the naive folly of achieving high goals such as inner peace, charity, solidarity, the idealism of revolutionary change the unjust, seeing how they are drunk with the pseudo pleasures that depraved soul to destroy its intrinsic condition.World power works in the sophisticated field of human weaknesses, superficiality, improvisation, individualism, voluptuousness and many others more, strongly promoting the separates-tion of the human beast. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to increase your knowledge. In the 40s in the United States world power began with the experience of mutilating young people, take away his ideals, cornering them with vices requiring dependence. The tests were performed at some universities inciting some young leaders of the upper years to show how the drug was the means of reaching the pseudo ecstasy that offers. The example spread quickly; the first years students accepted the method and as gods Olympus incorporating LSD in their uncorrupted bodies; then appeared healing clinics, – were not to heal but – to test the limits of psychiatric drugs – and followed with tests of subliminal penetration, which gave them to the Satanic results excellent plans.Already in the mid-20th century they began to modify educational curricula, came already diverting the importance of values and principles, the youth was modifying the way is not prepared to face life as socially useful beings looking for knowledge, willpower, responsibility, the media more suitable to become so good people with his honor as a missile shield.