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Local Church

CHAPTER X OF the RIGHTS AND DUTIES Article 65. They are right of the member of the Local Church Subordinated I – To receive the sacramentos, except in the cases foreseen for the Norms of the IMIPG; II – To participate of the Assemblies of the Local Church, being able to vote and to be voted, obeyed the disposals of the Statutes, Internal regulation of the IMIPG; III – To receive instruction, orientation and assistance theological spiritual; IV – To participate of the cults and activities spirituals, social, recreativas and cultural. Only paragraph – mentioned rights can be temporarily suspended for sentence to discipline pronounced for the competent Agency, in the cases and forms foreseen in the Statute, and the Internal regulation of the IMIPG. betes Association. Article 66. They are duties of the member of the Local Church: 1 – to practise the made use one in the previous chapter; II – to respect and to honor the excessively official shepherds and of the Church, 1Ts 5:12, 13; III? to be assduo to the cults and meetings of the Local Church, At 2:46; IV – to have interest in being instructed in the Word of God, qualifying itself for the activities of the Church, 2Tm 2:15 and Js 1:8; V – to deliver in the altar in days of cult the tenths, Ml 3:10 and TM 23:23, offers courts of appeals, Ml 3:8, and volunteers, 2Co 9:7; VI – to respect the fellow creatures and to testify in the community its new life in Christ; VII – to be subject to the authorities and governments, paying to all what it must, Rm 13:1 – 7; VIII – to present, in the quality of responsible parents or, children to be consecrated the Mr.; IX – to only contract nuptials with people who are member of evanglica church and that it is in full communion with the same one, 2Co 6:14 the 7:1. For even more opinions, read materials from Center For Responsible Lending. .


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