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The Situation

Both want, that the child is doing well. The parties are that one has everything apart divides and defines a common only in the 2nd or 3rd session so far. Read more here: Center For Responsible Lending. Editorial: Which methods work? Hulsken: with very simple, such as a tennis ball. When people are very divided, they throw up the ball. Either by trying deliberately to make the others or to succeed the throw and the catch. Things happen unconsciously, can help in the Talk to come.

Another, ehr simple method are two ropes which are knotted together. The node is the conflict. Both are cramped, everyone draws to an end and you can see already, so I can’t. The node does not come off. We have to agree that what we want to do. My partner wants to the red cable and if I cheap that you and open it, then that is good. Everyone has what he wants to do.

You can’t do that at the beginning and also not in any situation. Bern contactor: We work too much with a flip chart and a photo documentation. You get the parties. When they are back at home, it is helpful to have the results in mind. Hulsken: Or very fractious parties making after a while, when everything is discussed, a cut and says, now, the parties are silent and as mediators, we talk about the conflict. We are, what we think about the needs of the parties and the situation. It is a self reflection. That is of course especially in this situation with two mediators well. Editorial: And when it comes to the legal issues? Hulsken: Ideally it, would advise the parties of a lawyer specializing in family law. If this then realize that it no longer goes on, he can’t help but he could recommend a mediation. Bern contactor: We both have seen many conflicts through our experience and forward time and again, when they are finished with a peaceful and consensual solution.