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Labor Technician

In order to define the scope of intervention of a Technician it is necessary that we have understood well its functions described in previous sections. The Technician of Labor insertion does not concentrate in a unique mission but she is a specialized technical professional in the promotion of the use. For more specific information, check out Prevent Cancer Foundation. This entails, that works in those contexts where active policies of use facing improving their access can be developed. Therefore, it takes part in those institutions or public or deprived organizations in which they are carried out use measured. Finalizing this course already, we have been due to be giving account of how, in the last years, the use policies have been improved to take care of all the needs real of the population and to improve the access to the use and the quality of the same. The organizations are many that develop formation programs and use, of promotion of the enterprise initiatives, labor prospection, etc., and in all these places is the Technician in Labor insertion. – Public Scope: Within the public scope, through the active policies of use of the European Union and Spain, programs and projects of formation and use are carried out numerous, in which the main figure is the Technician of Insertion.

If we used the criterion of more habitual administrative organization we must differentiate several scopes: – Local scope. He is next to the citizen and the one that better knows its needs. The T.I.L will carry out their functions contracted by a City council, in the councils of Use, Social Youth, Services, Woman, or similars. In many occasions the local corporations will be able to count on independent organisms in charge of the active policies of use, that will be the one who they engage the T.I.L.