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Traction Unit Cars (TMB)

Traction unit car (TMB) is multifunctional vehicle that is capable of: easy to move, as by road and by rail tracks, move the empty freight cars from the repair business to fit the station, also has the ability to produce clearance depot from snow, mud, debris, carry out the work of the usual freight transport. The engine – the drive unit cars (TMB) was is based on a universal chassis MTZ, equipped with air brake wagons, locomotive signaling system (ALSN). The engine used in the construction of a solid coupler fixed to the chassis frame. At night while hitch covers special lantern. TMB is typically on the rails at any railway crossing or suitable area with recessed rails. With the help of a hydraulic system mounted on rollers rails, lifting front axle TMB above the rail. The rear rollers are the pillars that prevent lateral shift of the rear wheels locomobile.

Tractive force is transmitted through the rear wheel drive car. The coefficient of friction rubber / steel is much higher than the steel / steel, which allows small portable engine transport convoys (up to 10 cars) without slipping drive wheels. The engine used in the construction of standard coupler, mounted on the chassis frame. At night, hitch covers special lantern. To increase the quality of the tires on the portable engine with a rail mounted bus road profile with a small figure. Special equipment in version of ‘portable engine’ is equipped only with a hydraulic system and a roller that allows you to save all the opportunities provided by construction of special vehicles, and make some new benefits associated with the possibility of traffic on the railway tracks. The engine design The design of portable engine largely depends on her function. Locomobile works must be equipped with a compressor unit with receiver, a significant amount (for the operation of the pneumatic brake system), coupler, and a system of mirrors for a review of the composition. Availability of data structural elements can also install Only a cargo platform to transport elementary or piece goods. Airborne platform for portable engine is made with reinforced floor, which allows to carry heavy objects without additional preparation.

History Of Cranes And Crane Manipulator In Russia

Domestic production crane has its origins in 1934 when the factory "Red Metalist released his first truck crane. (Not to be confused with Boy Scouts of America!). It was mounted on a car "I-5 and had a load capacity 1.5 tons. In those years, the scope the use of cranes limited voice in connection with the diseconomies of a new invention, as well as its low capacity. With the advent in the 70 years in the mechanisms of cranes hydraulic drives, cranes were be used in construction. With the development of improved techniques, they are widely used in lifting and construction works. To date, there are many models of crane itself various carrying capacity (60t, 90t, 120, 150t, 200t, 250t, 300t, 350t, 400T, 500 tons).

This is due to maximum utilization of resources crane and chassis. The most popular have a load capacity of up to 50 tons, truck crane at KAMAZ and Galician, which are assessed more often in construction. However, for handling oversized and outsized cargo crane used to load 50 tonnes and above. Today the market is represented by a set of truck cranes models. One of the most popular is the crane brand Ivanovets that combines efficiency and functionality. For his money he was rewarded with international prizes and diplomas of the international specialized exhibitions. Another fashion model to date – this crane "Galichanin", mounted on the chassis of KAMAZ and MAZ.

Telescopic boom length from 9 to 31m provides mobility and maneuverability of the crane in motion. Despite relatively small size, the crane "Galichanin" not concede on duty more bulky equipment. He copes with the challenges due to the possibility of extension boom with the load. huge Stationary cranes sometimes lose its characteristics agile road construction cranes crane liebherr, libher. Therefore, most organizations choose among the variety of special equipment to work with one multifunction machine, for example, have resorted to renting truck crane.

Great Demand Equipment

Hardware for mounting is very popular among the equipment for service centers. Quality tire mounting and balancing equipment – neotemlimaya part to full organization of work. Each year an increasing number of car owners who line up near the tire mounting points. So we can safely call the area of balancing and tire mounting a full-fledged self-sustaining business. Now, there are already real opportunity to choose and purchase the equipment from the tire mounting premium at an affordable price.

In commercially available equipment from Italy, which is one of the most reliable equipment on the road market of the country, and for mounting Hofmann. Prices for the various machines and depend on parameters such as diameter wheels served, the degree of automation tools. Tire equipment manufactured by all the modern technologies and corresponds to the global standards. We offer equipment with low noise level, cost effective and easy to use. If you want your business to become profitable, our equipment is for shinomoshtabnoe You! Repair and maintenance of cars – the complex process in which the use of a particular service station equipment. As a rule, over the maintenance of a car running a few people, and at the same time use a pair of units. For good performance must be chosen units so that the rate of one unit is not suspended while on the other.

For example, if you have automatic tire changer stand fast, then you also will be need a quick and balancing stand. Otherwise, all the advantages of speed, which has a tire changer stand, will be expressed only in line to balance. Our organization can make you quite could get rid of these problems! Quality and reliable service station equipment – the secret to fast customer service, after which he will definitely will be satisfied. Our company will help you buy everything you need equipment for service centers: the installation for an oil change, car lift, paint the camera, stands toe-collapse, compressors, cleaning, tools, vacuum cleaners, presses, hoods, faucets, garage furniture, racks. We there is always a whole range of equipment at the best prices! This allows the tire mounting equipment to provide full-service auto repair and equip your station allows one hundred percent. If the Your plans for the opening of its tire mounting area or improving the technical equipment of the working stations, or simply buy a modern tire mounting equipment – we are happy to help you! Our product range have all the equipment for service centers. I would like to draw attention to a wide range of stands:-the-art and native stands with 3D technology.