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Christian Creed

All the articles of the Christian Creed apiam in the revelation Jew-Christian. It is, therefore, the revelation in drops, sufficient to feed the faith of the people of God. He is enough to believe to it the truths disclosed contained in the Creed, its two versions. Hell, purgatrio, limb, soul are not part of the Christian Creed, therefore, they are not faith substance. The Christian Creed does not speak in salvation of the soul, but in resurrection of the meat: the fragility of the entire creation, especially of the human being, meat and bone, with life spiritual. It is not treated to save the soul, but the human being, entire man and woman. It is said in the salvation of the soul for influence of gnose, platonic and neoplatnica philosophy, of maniquesmo, that they divide the human being in body and soul, identifying the body (substance) with the evil and the soul (spirit) with the good.

Being thus, the salvation of the human being consists of disdaining the body and valuing the soul, therefore it will only remain after the death. However, this doctrine is absolutely contrary to the resurrection of the meat, the basic truth of the Christian faith, that includes body and soul, restored for Jesus. The meat is so serious that Jesus assumed it pra to rescue the fragility human being and of the entire creation, not only to save souls. For this, since the incarnation, the Son of God inaugurated the resurrection of the meat, of the pecadora creation, of the human being all, body and soul. For the dualistas philosophers, the soul is dismissable of the body and saved without it. For the faith Jew-Christian, the soul means the human being complete, destined to the eternity, not only? psich? opposing? sarx? (corpse). For the Jew-Christians, soul is ' ' nephesh' ' , opposing ' ' bazar' ' , meat.

Work Principles

In the last days we have seen one ‘ ‘ tempestade’ ‘ of publications on leadership, in the truth, we want yes to be you lead, formadores of opinions, to make the difference in our social context, to be remembered as somebody that broke paradigms or that it instituted something that contributes for the common good. But, as to obtain these objectives. In recent months, BSA has been very successful. Davi is a servant of God and an excellent person, of who can absorb some indispensable attitudes to the leadership exerted for a servant of God, to the end of this lesson will have the certainty of that the government is a Dom de Deus. 1. BASIC PRINCIPLES Expensive reader, is with much joy that I will discourse on the basic principles for an efficient leadership and on the basic principles of a good administration, such principles can be applied to the life of Davi, will see that this man of God was efficient why he had the Spirit of God in its life (I Sm 16,13) and because he had necessary qualities for an efficient leadership.