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Sinai Mount

Then it appears the figure of Moiss again, that goes up in the Sinai Mount and conquest the Boards of the law of God. These laws had been and still they are a foundation of life for the people of God spread for the face of the land. The innumerable laws that transmitted in them are perpetual and they will be never abandoned by the people of God.> After forty days without eating, drinking, without nothing more to make, Moiss I reached the highest level of espiritualidade that one hom3m can atngir, then God it appears and it delivery two Sapphire boards, a precious rock, where the Ten Orders were written, that Moiss leads to the people, who in that height already if had contaminated for the Egyptian past. These Laws had been basic for the life of a people who not yet had a native land. Yes! The boards of the law of God were a perpetual conquest.

THE THIRD CONQUEST – THE SACRED TABERNCULO God, in its infinite largeness and goodness saw that the people needed something left that them in constant tunning with the high sky, thus Jehovah discloses something its Moiss servant a place that was inside of the sky, this place was a place of close worship and that Moiss would have to make an examined copy in the land for people. Then the Sacred Tabernculo that had inside of the sky is disclosed in a vision for Moiss. However Moiss says the God who it would not have as to make everything what he saw, in what Mr. discloses that would go to give to the two men an only unction to it to carry through the service, namely, Bezalel and Aoiliabe. It believes! Moiss counted the vision to them and them they made all equal what the Mosh was disclosed.

Work Principles

In the last days we have seen one ‘ ‘ tempestade’ ‘ of publications on leadership, in the truth, we want yes to be you lead, formadores of opinions, to make the difference in our social context, to be remembered as somebody that broke paradigms or that it instituted something that contributes for the common good. But, as to obtain these objectives. In recent months, BSA has been very successful. Davi is a servant of God and an excellent person, of who can absorb some indispensable attitudes to the leadership exerted for a servant of God, to the end of this lesson will have the certainty of that the government is a Dom de Deus. 1. BASIC PRINCIPLES Expensive reader, is with much joy that I will discourse on the basic principles for an efficient leadership and on the basic principles of a good administration, such principles can be applied to the life of Davi, will see that this man of God was efficient why he had the Spirit of God in its life (I Sm 16,13) and because he had necessary qualities for an efficient leadership.