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GLP Compliant Work

Marking in laboratories with the specially for laboratories IDENT simplify the work in the laboratory of handwritten labels developed laboratory labels of macro are usually difficult to read. Also less information on the label, as in a printed label fits. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. The pen color fades with time or smudged easily. The most common labels are also not resistant to chemicals and solvents as they are used in the laboratory. th-mild-or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman. An automatic data acquisition is not possible with handwritten labels. The range of laboratory labels by macro IDENT includes labels, specifically designed for use in laboratories. The laboratory labels used in the pathology, histology, molecular biology, and other scientific disciplines.

The labels such as also the laboratory label printer to offer support staff at GLP compliant lab work. The products macro IDENT meet current requirements for the marking of laboratory sample containers for the purpose of tracking: the labels agree with existing Sizes for tubes, microscope slides and microtiter plates match. You are always readable for all users and also under extreme conditions or stable such as storage in liquid nitrogen (at-196 C), autoclave (120 C), solvents, ethanol etc. Thanks to the convenient function for the creation and scanning of bar codes, researchers can muster more information on labels. Bar code printed laboratory labels can be read quickly by employees with 1 d or 2D bar code scanners. Smaller – the fonts are very readable. By adding bar codes are the samples with additional information features to dramatically reduce the risk of human error.

Benthack Henri Benthack GmbH

Opening of the 02.01.2013, 12 create new jobs Hamburg, December 27, 2012. On the 02.01.2013, the Henri Benthack opened the new 5,500 m branch office in Hamburg-Lurup GmbH & co. KG. In addition to the previous 5 sites in grevesmuhlen, Neumunster, Lubeck, Parchim and headquarters in Hamburg Moorfleet, customers in the future have also the opportunity to purchase high-quality building materials by Henri Benthack in the West of Hamburg. 12 New jobs were created with the new site. The branch was built in accordance with the latest energy and undercuts the prescribed values of energy by approximately 20%. This illustrates that Henri Benthack sold not only high-quality materials, but also can meet the energy needs of the building and thus complies with a contribution to the environment.

The installation of a cogeneration among the components of the energy concept of the building. This branch offers also private customers the opportunity to purchase building materials and materials. So far addressed Henri Benthack in Hamburg only at professional customers who appreciate the simple, quick and easy pick up their orders. The Henri Benthack GmbH & co. If you are not convinced, visit Boy Scouts of America. hberg family told us the story. KG offers its customers professional advice, individual service and top-quality products for years. In addition to advice for modernization are sustainability and energy saving one of the core topics of the company.

Henri Benthack Henri Benthack GmbH & co. KG for more than 80 years synonymous with first-class advice, excellent service and quality. The North German company here has remained always faithful to his roots and combines its tradition with a future-oriented technologies and modern services. With locations in Hamburg, grevesmuhlen, Lubeck, Neumunster and Parchim belongs Henri Benthack today to the leading building material retailers in North Germany. Press contact agency Oliver Voigt, Forsmannstrasse 8 b, 22303 Hamburg contact person: Oliver Voigt Tel. 040-4688 010 33 Henri Benthack GmbH & co.

Multi Strategy

ThomasLloyd global hedge fund as of one of the first multi strategy of hedge funds of funds in Germany has become the ThomasLloyd global hedge fund (ISIN: BMG25661941) a voluntary review of the renowned rating agency subjected to Telos, and received the second-best rating of AA. He meets high quality standards. The evaluation emphasizes in particular the transparency and structure of the investment process. The Wiesbaden-based Telos reviewed the Fund in a two-step process. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria were used. The decisive factor for the outstanding overall rating of the ThomasLloyd global hedge fund was the high transparency and detailed structure of the investment process, comprehensive risk management and many years of experience of the Portfolio Manager of ThomasLloyd. We are pleased about the excellent rating of our hedge funds of funds”, said Andrew Panteli, CEO ThomasLloyd global asset management. In a question-answer forum Boy Scouts of America was the first to reply. Most importantly, we are proud to contribute actively to further increasing transparency within the hedge.

As Pioneer in the voluntary rating we come the needs of investors and thus provide more orientation and transparency in the market. Of ThomasLloyd global hedge fund in March 2006 launched and invests mainly in relative-value, risk arbitrage, event – driven, volatility trading and distressed strategies, and managed futures. It seeks an annual return of about 20 percent, with a volatility between 5-10%. Institutional investors can invest an investment sum of EUR 1,000,000 in the hedge funds of funds awarded by Telos AA, individuals with an investment of EUR 50,000. In addition, there are other share classes in the USD currency available.

The present-day ThomasLloyd group emerged in August 2006 from the merger of DKM asset management AG and the Illington Fund Management LLC and is a fast-growing international financial service providers. The ThomasLloyd group manages $ 1.7 billion in assets under management. The company is active in four core businesses: asset management, merchant banking, capital Markets and wealth management. Thomas Lloyd provides institutional clients and private clients independent financial services through numerous capital markets and asset classes. More information:

SISEL – New Tom Mower

A new wellness company from the United States SISEL international founded in 2006 in Utah by Tom Mower and his son Tom Jr. with the mission to develop the world’s most innovative and effective body care and food supplement products and produce, that bring people more energy, vitality and well-being, so as to live a longer and healthier life happy. The mower mission”means”healtier, wealthier, happier”. At PCRM you will find additional information. The name SISEL stands for innovation, success, science, energy, longevity what Sisel are also the basic principles of the company. More than 100 million USD were invested, the company has huge product capabilities, its own high-tech research labs and a scientific team of doctors, Proffesoren and laboratory professionals who provide product development according to the latest scientific results. The products from the fields of wellness and vitality, anti aging, body care and decorative cosmetics are the safest, according to statements of the company be most effective and innovative, that are currently available on the market.

One was using the best natural ingredients, which are available worldwide, with absence of harmful substances before and during the production process, and based on the latest scientific findings and studies exclusive product range of nutritional supplements about body care up to decorative cosmetics. Distribution of the products is about the concept of recommendation marketing. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. (Network marketing) SISELs products have same price for everyone, irrelevant whether direct customer or business partner. d=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegQIARBv’>Evan Metropoulos sought to clarify these questions. This prevents the need to finance large amounts of products, to then profitably resell them to not only the products of the company Sisel attention brought in the sales scene, but also the extraordinary, fair and generous 5 star compensation plan, which gives each Sisel partner from the outset very good earning potential hybrid. The direct customer bonus rounds that program Sales concept. Global and seamless, cross-border remuneration structure allows an international business. Already in 11 countries Sisel is represented worldwide and further expansion is carried out rapidly. With 25 years of experience, a 37,000-square-metre, absolutely State of the art factory, sure write SISEL, a team of the best scientists of the wellness industry, the innovative and unique products, as well as a generous income plan that pays fair, the financial backround and not zuletztder management and experience of Tom Mower, is history. Be a part of the mower mission”and get started now! More information: vip/muenster/home.htm

New Abas Customer ALKA Industry Co

Manufacturer of motorway barriers chooses abas business software Istanbul, Turkey / Karlsruhe, Germany, October 20, 2009 – ALKA opted for the abas business software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness) decided. The Turkish company produces crash barriers, prefabricated steel pipes for antennas and radio stations, as well as banner ads. Implementation and supervision is carried out by the Turkish abas software partner BEBIM. Manufacturer of motorway barriers will introduce abas ERP ALKA industry co. (www.alkagroup.tr) is not only a leading manufacturer of guardrails and pre-designed steel pipes, but also Turkish exporter of the year 2008. Already during the first presentation, ALKA noted that abas ERP enables not only to make business processes more efficient and effective, but is also cost savings in many areas. In the first phase of the implementation is the priority on the optimization of business processes in materials management, warehousing, purchasing and production.

About BEBIM (abas software partners in the Turkey) BEBIM (www.abasturk.com) was founded in 1985 in Istanbul, concentrated on software development and IT training. Since 2005, BEBIM is abas software partners and responsible for the sales, implementation and support of the abas business software in Turkey. BEBIM is specialized in ERP and CRM solutions for SMEs and also offers solutions for QM and PDC. Company profile of the ABAS Software AG the ABAS Software AG’s core competence is the development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies with 10 to over 1,000 employees. More than 2,200 customers opted for ABAS as an IT specialist and the integrated abas business software.

Founded in 1980, student company ABAS has become a group of companies. At the ABAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, Germany, 115 people are employed, approximately 600 employees worldwide involved in the Federation of around 50 abas partners. The abas software partners serve the local customers and offer services from the implementation of the hardware and Network support to customizing and hotline and ensure quick reaction times and high service quality. ABAS is internationally represented by partners in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico and the United States. The partner network is constantly expanded. Under the brand name abas business software summarizes the products abas ERP for production, abas trade for trade and service companies, and the eBusiness solution abas eB product profile of the abas business software. The solution abas business software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness) is flexible, adaptable, and future-proof. The clear structure of the system and sophisticated introduction strategies allow short introduction times and a smooth integration into the company structure. With specific requirements can be integrated easily. New features and technologies flow with every update in the software standard with abas users are always up to date. Currently, the abas business software in 28 languages is offered. The abas business software runs on Linux, UNIX, and Windows. Since 1995, the open-source operating system supports ABAS, around 80% of the over 2200 abas installations are based on Linux.

THE Craft Of BAKING: Hot Thing – Which Is Expensive

Not only the hot summer makes the bakers create especially in the craft of baking know-how on the subject of computer is difficult to obtain. Daily business fully takes the bakery specialist! “Notes Manager of CASE Institute of Laatzen Heinrich Scheuerlein, senior. Take care and needs of bakers in talks with Baker Masters shows that by changing shopping and eating habits, higher energy costs and commodity prices only with good products, good future prospects motivated employees and a State of the art production operation. On the other hand a modern bakery no longer get around the use of EDP. Our everyday life requires more and more knowledge”we know sometimes where the head is us master leaves man from H. Baker. Terms such as Internet, intranet, wireless, data backup and other Tosh I can not deal with me!” That’s where we apply help with computer problems! We see ourselves as specialists in the IT sector in particular as understanding Partner for the craft.”noticed Jurgen Bohrer, Managing Director of the CASE Institute, in many discussions with those responsible.

Mr Bohrer smiles because he likes like rustically ‘s”not long talks about the Bush. He is professionally associated with examples from everyday work – to the point. You can understand it immediately. We have made it our task, easily understandable to analyze networks and to allow a simple maintenance on your hand.” Ever thought your data backup made??? Data backup – no taboo more on craft! In 2003, the OLG Hamm decided that a company must perform a daily backup of company data, as well as a full backup once a week. Otherwise, the company is grossly negligent. Should business-relevant data due to a defective fuse is lost, the Managing Director for the resulting damage can be made personally liable. For example it occurs Server just then out when baking paper or shipping documents to print are: a server failure often means the meltdown for networked back farms! Where, how long, can I get a replacement server? Who installed the backup device and the last backup? Who collects the complete data of the current day? What and how much must be baked? How does the shipping without packing lists and shipping documents? You can exclude exactly this nightmare.

This must be…!” Prevent costly data loss! With “BitByters.Backup” are externally and in the form of compressed, encrypted, your data transferred completely and automatically on our secure server in the online proceedings and secured. The backup will run automatically, adjusts easily to your needs, which can be changed at any time. You need not additional hard – or software. The installation is very simple. Another advantage: your data are checked daily by our IT specialists on damage. What also important: the data cannot be read by third parties – both of us -. To show you just how BitByters.Backup works, we give you the opportunity, free to run your backup on our CASE Institute and to test the handling for 30 days. Still have questions?

Info Claim Of The Shareholder

No mandatory loss at leaving the company of the GmbH shareholder has by law against the company a right to information about the Affairs of the company and to inspect the books and business records. This information requirement is to set the partner not only in State to exercise its membership rights in the general meeting properly and responsibly, but also its own interests. Especially, this claim can be enforced even in the enforcement proceedings. In the event of a dispute, the creditor performing the enforcement proceedings was the partner of the debtor, a limited liability company. At the request of the creditor, the Court noted that the GmbH is obliged to grant the creditor certain, designated closer business documents. Many writers such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer more in-depth analysis. As the GmbH not complied with this obligation, the creditor against the GmbH ran the enforcement procedure. The GmbH argued that the creditor was excluded from society as a result of decisions been, so no information claims therefore stand to her. The enforcement is carried out but legally, as the higher regional court of Munich (AZ.

31 WX 082/07) has decided. The objection of the GmbH, the creditor lost in the meantime society create, so that you no longer stand the other believed information claim, is irrelevant in the process of foreclosure. Just the way of the lawsuit against the enforcement is open in such a case the GmbH. For such a counterclaim of enforcement the OLG Munich however has made it clear that the recovery of a portion of the business does not necessarily lead to the immediate loss of information claim of the shareholder. The GmbH Chief may refuse the fulfilment of the GmbH shareholder information claim only if is a reasonable danger that the partner uses the information for non-company purposes and inflicted a significant disadvantage as a result of the company or an associated company. About any such refusal have not however Managing Director, but the shareholders to decide. The burden for the facts justifying the denial and the existence of the relevant decision of the shareholder is the company in the enforcement procedure.

National Park Wattenmeer

Only a certain amount of support, the donations for this project is possible. The community is another Column in the iDO world is the community. Here can all members joining together to interest groups, discuss new and existing projects, as well as publish their own texts, photos and videos. The community allows users to contact other members with the same interests, facilitates the exchange of information and enhances the fun of the own commitment. The emotional and social commitment is enhanced by the progress bars, and other additional services (E.g. charity events).

For company many companies are always conscious of its social responsibility and are committed for profit-making projects. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has also always an image and this marketing function. Companies that sponsor iDO world projects and thus turn the donations Turbo, can better document their commitment in this way. The high level of identification of users with iDO, the projects and the iDO Community ensures a permanent customer communication and speech. For organisations Caritas,. German wild animal welfare, UNICEF, National Park Wattenmeer, SOS Children’s villages in Germany there are a large number of donor agencies, public institutions and charitable foundations with donations needed. To come up with their numerous volunteers countless regional initiatives, clubs and associations. In Hamburg alone, there are, for example, around 460,000 people, committed volunteers.

iDO world offers these organizations new ways: simple, straightforward, and without much effort she can draw attention on their commitment and their projects and collect the necessary financial support. For the workers the iDO community is an excellent platform with their Web 2.0 capabilities to meet like-minded people and to achieve synergy with other projects. “The funding why do good and make money?” the words of Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2006, essentially also apply to iDO. iDO is financed mainly through premium memberships and contributions commercial project sponsors. At least 10% of earned profits run but projects in the promotion by iDO.

Deputy Dr

This means in other words: the ERP solution gevis masks, surfaces and functions already by default covers a variety of business transactions. For a user, so all the customizing work is eliminated, he can run much faster and with much less effort, also the acceptance by the employees is significantly higher. Benefader: By the impulses of the new Advisory Board wholesale and retail, we can reproduce now even better typical business transactions and provide in Amando. Industry solution benefits are expanding considerably thus.” The advantage of the new Panel is on the development of the software in the greater transparency and active cooperation from the perspective of the Advisory Board. We know not only from first-hand about the development work as a customer and user, but can have an influence on the implementation of necessary extensions directly and actively Process optimizations cause in our own business”, is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of wholesale and retail Ulrich Bucker (CEO of Ebacko EC bakers & confectioners shopping) and his Deputy Dr. Harald Goertz (corporate development, AG team baucenter mineral oils) and Olaf Lingnau (Managing Director Balikuddembe industrial supplies Ltd.) agree.

The Munster-based GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH is part of GAD group and specializes in the development, support and distribution of merchandise management systems and systems for trading companies and service providers. founded in 1992, now has 250 employees work at the sites of Munster, Munich, Nuremberg, Karlsruhe and Leonberg for the company. GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH is thus the largest employers and service providers in the area of IT and network solutions for the technical wholesale trade. More than 1,000 customers use products of GWS. To them include interconnected companies both from the commercial and the agricultural sector. On its own, EC funding many of them involved directly in the company and software development. “In addition to the standard software products and standardised solutions offers the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” and Microsoft President BBs Club members ‘ Internet industry portals and Internet shops.

Comprehensive consulting services and training courses complete the range of services. 2008 amounted to sales to EUR 25.3 million, the equity ratio amounted to over 50 percent. Contact for the press: Jurgen Ronsch, press & more GmbH, the capelin bushes 95, 48155 Munster, Tel. + 49 (0) 251 899 1854, fax: + 49 (0) 251 899 1112, this press release can, area Press Center, be obtained electronically.

Danto Medien GmbH Founded In

Newly founded company sells solutions to the professional 360 – and 3D-Produktprasentation Grosskarolinenfeld, October 28, 2009. The distribution of professional photo stations of brand of Scanbull, and as a service among the activities of the newly established company creating realistic 360 – and 3D-Produktprasentationen in the sales order. Customer advice and sales of photo studios are made on-site, by phone and eMail, as well as on the homepage. Image production on behalf of the customer is done directly at the site of the company in Grosskarolinenfeld. Audiences for the new company are corporate customers and dealers who want to optimize their online business or product presentation throughout Europe. For customers who want to invest in a Photography Studio or within the company have no free resources for creating high-quality 360-degree product shots the Danto Medien GmbH offers the service, of the desired articles, within a short time and create appealing after submission, product views in 2D and 3D.

To ensure the quality of these images is the image creation and subsequent reworking of Danto media GmbH by experienced graphic designers and media creators. Read additional details here: Nieman Foundation. This possibility of cost-effective and realistic presentation of the product offers several attractive benefits online shops: A get your financial freedom yourself for other projects because only costs, if you give a screen production in order. On the other hand, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and offer an almost as good looking visitors to their online stores as in stationary trade. Finally, the conversion can significantly increase in the online shop and with the image or video rights avoid also any copyright or copyright issues in third-party. If clients with the creation of 360-degree product views for your online shop are already familiar and in the future on a new level of representation would raise; then recommends the purchase of a 3D-Fotostation of the brand Scanbull Danto media GmbH. A one-time investment in a private 3D-Fotostudio customers are continuous and independent of external service providers, quite simply to create three-dimensional product presentations of new articles so capable of. “Because we are familiar by use in the own online shop with the photo stations in detail, we can pass this Know-How directly to our customers”, says Managing Director Daniel Darga. “The Danto Medien GmbH offers the complete service around the perfect representation of product from a single source.” About Danto media GmbH to the business activity of Danto founded in 2009 media GmbH distribution of professional photo stations of brand of Scanbull, and as a service is the creation of realistic 360 – and 3D-Produktprasentationen in the sales order.

Active customer consulting and sales of photo studios take place on-site, by telephone and by eMail. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Vida Vacations. Image production is carried out at the site of the company in Grosskarolinenfeld. Target groups for the company are Valora company customers and dealers. For the customer a decisive added value for your own online business results from sales and services of Danto Medien GmbH: differentiation from the competition through realistic product presentations in the shop, avoid copyright problems with the picture or video rights third, significant increase in the length of stay by visitors in the shop and thus an increased rate of conversions and more sales. Press contact: Florian Konig Danto media GmbH Max-Josef-str. 2 83109 Grosskarolinenfeld telephone: +49-(0)8031-2216392 fax: +49-(0)8031-2216360 eMail: Internet: