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Garbage Collection

How to effectively organize garbage collection? This question has long been asked by people, but until that is ideal in this case has not yet been found. The first attempts to solve the problem of garbage disposal has started to take in Ancient Greece. Here there was a decree that is forbidden to throw garbage in the city, all waste must be disposed of beyond. For violation of this requirement could be quite tough punishment. Such measures have yielded positive results, the mortality from infections in the ancient Greek states began to decline.

But in the Middle Ages, it seems little thought about where to put the garbage because its a long time simply throwing out the window. Therefore, walking through the narrow streets, you had to glance upward to inadvertently avoid the jet slops. Sometimes the truth dig small holes and there poured sewage, but it could well be that the rotten fruit, leftovers, and is also dilapidated already good-for-nothing things strewn on the square. Cleaning of territories was in this period is vital, but because of the hard influence of ecclesiastical authority, as well as a number of other reasons no action in this direction was not undertaken. Over time, the problem of litter has become so serious that in the xvii century in Europe as well as some time in ancient Greece, the laws began to appear on the disposal of waste, which was recommended to take out away from settlements. Particularly singled out Britain, where in the xix century, opened the company for incineration. We can say that from that moment began committed a different attitude to civilization spent waste.

Now, despite population growth of cities, garbage collection was performed much more frequently than before. In Russia the first decree concerning garbage collection, there were very long, even when the state was divided into numerous principality. Particularly strict cleanliness of streets in cities were to follow in Peter I. And it would seem the problem was finally solved, but with the growth of industrial production and the advent of factories, increasingly began to throw waste in river, which, of course, not the best effect on the ecological situation. In the years of the Soviet Union all the rubbish in the countryside mainly exported to landfill, where it is then burned. It was not very efficient in terms of disposal, and damage to nature irreparable. But fortunately in today’s Russia, a host of waste treatment plants, and now turn waste into secondary raw materials. Today, garbage collection is carried out regularly, because There are many companies providing similar services. True dumps even from time to time arise when the right along the road the townspeople pile trash. But, nevertheless, a similar problem can not be called global.