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Carlos Mora Vanegas Venezuelan management, especially responsible for the direction of SMEs, requires identifying more with productive role, making prevail in their environment that their assertive behavior generates in the human resources under their charge, a full identification with the responsibilities to be fulfilled towards established goals. To do so, should ensure a positive organizational climate, which partly can reach it if he knows how to handle properly which manifested the scope, impact of assertive behavior, considered that assertiveness is developed through our daily experience (our interaction with other people), and is linked to our personality and character, in addition, consider that since both are not static, they are molded with lifetime social interactionThis entails will consider to assertiveness, as something that evolves depending on the evolution of our social being and our knowledge, which makes the assertiveness in a broad concept that encompasses aspects own individual, such as self-esteem, lack of confidence, as well as culture and intellect. Management must already be clear in as handles his relationships and as it is capable of giving way to a harmonious working environment, respecting the personalities, behaviors of workers, being assertive in your actions, in your formal gift of command. Robbins points out, that assertiveness makes the stimuli that arrive to us which we were exactly sent; and it makes us to send those messages that we actually want to send and they esencializan our respect and that of the other Jose Alberto Cardona reminds us, Hernandez says, assertive conduct facilitates an adequate flow of information on the working groups and power the creation of more than one solution to potential labor problems that arise in the day-to-day..