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As a first step you must be clear that the baby bath must be first of all a moment of pleasure and secondly of hygiene. Spend time every day submerged in warm water relaxing and refreshing will be the ideal time for a special contact between mother and baby, where the father may also participate. In addition you will need to arm yourself for a special equipment that we will detail below: folding tub, towels cotton, games for baby, submersible thermometer, natural sponges, soaps, shampoos and perfumes. As you will see every moment and situation in your baby will have different needs, than you should know cover. At bebecor.es we are experts in meeting these needs and we are always ready to advise you on what you is best for your baby. Com Meals understands that this is vital information. Whenever you need it you can enter our store for babies and consult in real time, via chat with one of our agents who are online.

You will guide without any commitment that you find in our shop the ideal products to take care of your baby as it deserves, with the guarantee and quality of the best brands in the market. Do not forget to view interesting offerings have, nor our products for baby outlet so the price is not a problem and have the best. And if your baby will come soon, we already thought in it. We will help you to create a list of gifts with everything that is going to need early, so that parents, family and friends give him a big welcome. You can invite your family and friends by sending them an email, so that you visit the list of gifts for your baby, and gave you everything you will need. Your baby deserves is to be happy, enjoy the best, and bebecor.es we intend to help you achieve this.