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Treasure Hunt With The World

With the world’s first “Save the dolphins Geocoin” you can engage for the preservation of life in the oceans. In geocaching, a modern form of the treasure hunt with GPS and its own Internet platform, is the world’s first now “Save the dolphins Geocoin” special treasure employ and engage in the seas for the preservation of life. The dolphins e.V. (GRD) financed conservation projects of the society to the rescue with the proceeds from the sale of the charity Geocoin. Part of the “Geocaching”, a worldwide treasure hunt with GPS devices is central the Geocoin (a type of coin). Here, the participants hide somewhere a “treasure”, usually a waterproof box that contains E.g.

a photo or other odds and ends as well as a logbook, and often also a Geocoin. The coordinates of the space of the hiding place issued on the own website (www.geocaching.com). Geocachers log in there and get with the specified coordinates in the search. The “treasure” is found, is the visit in the logbook exchanged a little something in the box in the Internet Geocachingportal entered and again at the same place hidden – for the next treasure hunter. A highly imaginative game with very different hiding behind the simple principle: simple can be reached with a short walk, more difficult for example only with mountain climbing or snorkeling equipment. But there is always one thing in common: the fun associated with Geocaching on the search and on the nature, which is by now also using a good thing save the dolphins geo coin can be combined.

The GRD but offered the coin without tracking number – limited edition for 10. The Internet Geocoinhandel has different versions of the charity coin for “professional” use with tracking number in the range.

Effectively Conserve Power What Is Really Worth

The most important Stromspartipps in the overview while our electrical devices consume less power, increasing the price of electricity. Costs can thus effectively not saved, because by growing electricity costs impact at best regulate the austerity measures. One could even say that it is now essential to take advantage of all the possibilities and ways to save energy. The best example is the light bulb. Would we illuminate our apartment 2013 with light bulbs instead of LEDs or CFLs, monthly electricity costs would be almost unbearable. So anything else consumers as to set new, energy-saving technologies. But not every tip is really profitable.

Power save, it’s mainly on the effectiveness, because in all economy comfort in everyday life should not suffer of course. Power saving when the hot water hot water treatment consumes the most power in the household. In Germany, water is heated mainly using a tankless water heater. It can be worthwhile to replace an old model with a more modern. Because if the temperature can be set precisely and continuously, the energy costs can be actually reduced.

To take a bath, it is usually more expensive than a shower. But you should can quite at this luxury, it must be not so daily. You can save by using a small shower head power shower. The modern, extremely large shower heads look although luxurious, but actually unused here much water passes to the body. A shower head with a small diameter is so much more efficient. Not fully turn on the main tap for the water supply. A low water pressure is absolutely sufficient. So, you can longer shower and still reduce the amount of water and therefore also the energy costs. Especially in the summer, you may well forgo continuous hot water. Is the instantaneous water heater only to a very low temperature is set, the costs are reduced tremendously. Set the desired water temperature does not have the A mixer tap faucet, but directly above the heater. Because if you run the heater on the highest level have and add cold water in the mixer, you’re wasting energy unnecessarily. A new refrigerator consumes approximately 60% less energy when you buy a new refrigerator, pay attention to the energy label. Refrigerators of the energy efficiency class A + or higher help to reduce power consumption in the household. A refrigerator of the best energy efficiency class consumes approximately 60% less energy than an older model. Stand-by when electrical appliances generally is recommended to avoid the stand-by operation of electrical appliances. Because idle, televisions, computers and other electrical devices consume power. Basically, this is true, but there are always exceptions. Therefore, you should check the power consumption in stand-by operation with a power meter. Chase Koch usually is spot on. Because there are now devices that require virtually no energy in stand-by. The stand-by mode has in everyday life also practical advantages, so must TV receiver or TV set not only run high, but are ready during the day. Switch electricity supplier is the best tip which is best Stromspartipp to switch power providers. Many electricity customers can save up to 150 a year per person, by choosing for a cheaper electricity supplier. This at least applies to consumers who are the so-called primary care at the local energy utility. A comparative study for 50 German cities of the online portal check24 came to this conclusion. Often there is also a bonus in the form of a provider change shopping vouchers or free kilowatt hours, which you definitely should use. Find an independent electricity price comparison on the side Eva Otter

Rabbit Alliance

Animal welfare Alliance ‘rabbit fattening, no, thank you’ nationwide campaign starts today launches the animal welfare Alliance rabbit mast, officially thank his campaign against rabbit farms. Objective of the Alliance, in which nearly 50 animal welfare associations and organizations at the Federal and national level involved, is the out of rabbit cages, as well as the introduction of a statutory position regulation for rabbits for fattening. With a public action, consumers were informed today morning in front of the Cologne Cathedral about the sad fate of the sweet rodents. It showed rabbit mast systems in addition to collecting signatures also photos and video material from. “Most consumers is not clear under what conditions rabbit”, commented Ingo Schulz, spokesman for the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no, thank you”, the action.” Rabbit meat is high during the course, especially at Easter, millions of animals are slaughtered and eaten. Some 25 million rabbits were in 2008 in Germany eaten, this is in comparison to 1995 an outright doubling. This lobby groups and supermarket chains try a positive rural unsuspecting consumers,”rabbit attitude to suggest. Like boxing stance “in agricultural operated spoken.

While the exact opposite is usually the case, Crouch thousands rabbit in huge fattening farms and are waiting for their death. Hay, spout and daylight, so all that is a what final and animal welfare would be and what consumers see a rabbit stance also wishes and presents, is missing”, criticizes the current attitude of the rabbit Ingo Schulz in Germany. To enlighten the population and ultimately also to wake up, has been specially produced a video documentary titled rabbit mast with shocking images and published on the website. In addition to video and photo shoots too much background information as well as a list of signatures (for downloading) are on the site. The animal welfare Alliance hoped just at Easter Tail wind, so that a legal regulation of the position in Germany will be established. This is currently missing and thus opening up unscrupulous rabbit maestern in the truest sense door. More information at: Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office, Tel.: 0221-20463862).

Oceans German Foundation

To set a sign against the depletion of the oceans, committed environmentalists from Munich formed the German Foundation for marine conservation. Neptune, Poseidon, Oceanus or Tangaroa sea God who is Maori – their power consumed, their mythological importance the foreign people. Respect for the sea, before the origin of all life has given way to seemingly endless greed. Climate change, overfishing, poisoning by plastic waste, radioactive waste or noise threatens to destroy life in the seas by ship traffic. Bait hooks of the longliners reach into previously inaccessible ocean depths of up to 5000 meters and plunder the deep-sea fish stocks are slowly proliferating, longlines mounted on the water surface countless non-target species such as sharks, sea turtles, albatrosses and other seabirds in the Artentod. And where bottom trawls with their heavy steel weights have plowed the sea floor, no life is growing more, never more. Deep-sea reefs, 5000 years who used to grow, be within Minutes irretrievably destroyed. Oceans cover seven tenths of the Earth’s surface.

The inhabitants of the remaining three tenths have declared war on the oceans. A character set to set a sign against the depletion of the oceans, committed environmentalists from Munich, founded in the year 2007 trust managed German Foundation for marine conservation (DSM). Financed by the Foundation in particular sea protection to – projects for the preservation of life in the oceans. Rescue the last Adriatic Dolphin dolphins acting like sharks, red Thune and other marine predators at the top of the marine food Web. They belong to the top indicators of the State of the ecosystem in which they live. The large marine predator species disappear then it looks bleak for all the tens of thousands of species of which one is usually not aware. As its first project, the DSM supports therefore a project of the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD) for dolphin protection is integrated marine and coastal protection.

Heating-oldie In The Basement? Tips For New Condensing Boiler

Two-thirds of all new heat generators are condensing / over 600 euros of less heating in the House / hydraulic adjustment for efficient heating with condensing technology of important old boilers out, modern condensing boilers in. More and more homeowners are choosing this step, to save energy and heating costs. 2011 around 420,000 homeowners bought according to the Federal Association House, energy and environmental engineering (BDH) a condensing boiler. Two-thirds of the heat generator newly purchased in Germany in residential buildings are. Condensing units get more from energy sources such as gas or oil because they use also the heat hidden in the steam of the exhaust gases. Who groans about high energy prices, should replace its old boiler with a condensing boiler”, says Tanja Loitz, Managing Director of the co2online non-profit limited company. The combination with a solar system for hot water is extremely energy-efficient.

On my heizung.de, homeowners will find tips with information about costs, installation and the Selection of the proper burning value boiler. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Boy Scouts of America. A selection of these tips: 1. does the old boiler. Does a new condensing boiler still make sense? Boilers are in Germany the average 24 years old. In contrast to red wines their quality not increased but with increasing age.

Experts advise therefore to replace the boiler if it is more than 15 years in operation. Compared to an old standard boiler can save a condensing boilers per year between 10 and 20 per cent of energy. The infographic shows: a detached house 660 euro can be saved heating costs per year. Buying a condensing value boiler pays off so after seven years. If you have read about Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 2. How much is a condensing boiler? The prices for gas condensing boiler range between 4,500 and 7,000 euros (without installation). Oil condensing boilers are slightly more expensive. In addition, if a solar system for hot water or space heating is installed, must be expected with costs between 15,000 and 20,000 euros.