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Another Solar Power Plant Goes With Solarfortis In Monchengladbach On The Net

Press release of Solarfortis GmbH with the owner company of the property a 20 years lease contract was concluded. The static conditions of the roof and structural design represented a further challenge for the solar energy company. A substructure was developed with a technical planning Office which requires no roof penetration, but still all static requirements. The generator is 3,600 sqm on the approximately 8,000 m roof. The plant will generate in the future each year approximately 430,000 kwh of solar electricity. The photovoltaic system has been equipped with the manufacturer Suntech Power solar modules and inverters Vectron..

The transformer was supplied by the coil. The solar power fed into the grid of the NPT can supply approximately 110 households with clean power. The company Solarfortis GmbH and NOVEN were solar, responsible for the joint project development and realization of the solar Park. Both companies have established themselves was Nov. 15 at the Konrad-Zuse-ring 17 c in MG from here in cooperation more solar projects. Investor and operator of the solar system is the Noven & Steinhauser solar Park. In the coming year of 2010, the Solarfortis in Germany and in the neighbouring country France for private and institutional investors and operators will realize more solar parks with a total capacity of over 30 MW.

More solar power plants with a capacity of approx. 4 MW are planned in the metropolitan area of Monchengladbach. Solarfortis is a project developer and provider of turnkey solar systems for commercial and industrial companies. The solar plants in the direct sales or for own or third operating companies, long term rent large roofs to make PV systems to be built. Noven solar is responsible for the purchasing organization and partners in the development of the project. To ensure the high material requirements particularly in terms of solar modules and inverters, framework contracts concluded in the current year with manufacturers. Contact: Solarfortis GmbH Konrad-Zuse-ring 17c – Borussia Park 41177 Monchengladbach Tel: + 49 (0) 2161 5739750 fax: + 49 (0) 2166 610820 press contact PR global concept 41199 Monchengladbach