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This is a fairly expensive equipment, which is reflected in the price of the final product: it will be about 2.5 times more expensive than the rectangular design. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Neal Barnard for a more varied view. In this case, as a rule, the minimum bend radius may be less a triple height profile. Production of rounded wood profile is even more laborious. First, make a polygon glued blank, and then it "smooths" on the milling machine. According to experts, the best material for the manufacture of window frames with nonlinear elements is pvc profile.

In this case, no special expensive equipment, and bending elements of the window block occurs before our eyes. Fig. 1 – flexible pvc profile outset previously prepared segment of the profile of the desired size was heated in a bath of hot glycerin or a special oven-like a long trunk. On stage imps right path, and it can be quite complex and have a few twists. Then on the contour line is fixed vacuum suckers (those who usually used for transporting and assembling glass). Formed on the perimeter of the spread of wood-jig that resembles a toy snake, or a bicycle chain.

The heated and softened, but not lost its structure of the profile can be easily bent along the conductor, taking the desired shape, and cooling down, gets the old stiffness (Fig. 1). At that draw attention to the experts, subject to the technological requirements pvc windows have the same operational parameters, regardless of its shape and features of the building. If the house has a nonstandard form, much defines the qualifications and expertise of the window company.

Russian Audit Chamber

With gas us out of the way? By the way, the burning question of png – one of those, who now is solved by surprisingly effective. For even more details, read what Kidney Foundation says on the issue. And not even so much because of the delayed administrative measures, but because of the activity of oil companies. As long as Russia occupies a leading place in the world for flaring associated gas. Instead of sell to Europe or to use within the country, we annually waste is burned for more than 20 billion m3 of associated gas, which leads to the release into the atmosphere to 400 thousand tons of pollutants. According to the Russian Audit Chamber, the losses of the Russian oil industry from the flaring of associated gas in 2009 amounted to 1,3 billion dollars. This "wasting" of energy resources could not disturb the government.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, Russia plan to bring level of utilization of associated gas to the global average – 95%. It is assumed that this rate will put in place in 2014, but because it exceeded the oil companies will impose heavy fines. But some oil companies have long preoccupied with this issue. According to Igor Zaikin, Head of the Department of industrial safety, environmental, scientific and technical activities of lukoil, in the last ten years, the use of associated gas increased to 79%. The third-largest Russian oil company TNK-BP will be able to move to 95-percent utilization of associated gas by 2012, which invests about $ 700 million a company "Surgutneftegas" back in 2007 this indicator reached (95%) – the highest level of utilization of associated gas in Russia.

Stretch Ceilings

>> Art stretch ceilings is quite understandable desire of each to give your home personality. While whitewashing ceilings over. Was replaced by a period of new technologies, and with it came into our life interesting design solutions in the form of suspended ceilings. Artistic suspended ceilings – a rejection of the stamps and vivid manifestation of individual taste. Given that it is now especially appreciated an unusual approach to the arrangement homes, art suspended ceilings – is the best stretch ceilings among the available options. Before you choose a type of stretch ceiling, consider the style rooms and your desire for its design. Stretch ceilings have different colors, which are either heard in unison with the overall color scheme, a soloist from the crowd.

Feature suspended ceilings is that they provide almost unlimited opportunities for processing facilities. >> Art Stretch ceilings Stretch ceilings and photo printing and photo printing them – is a modern alternative proposal to the historical tradition of painting ceilings. Smooth surface ceiling as a canvas for painting, ready for any image. Stretch ceilings (photo printing) add imagery and colors of the interior. As a manufacturer, we offer original works, with an individual unique ornament. We do not only prepared the samples, although we have something to show.

Our experts are ready to offer new forms designed to suit your interior. Stretch ceilings and photocopying them – is the ability to inflict any image with the direction of Image Line. Picture of your child, loved the mountains and no less charming sunset, we can reconstruct in perfect quality. Often it is stretched ceilings and photocopying them set the tone for the interior. For example, suspended ceilings with well-chosen theme fresochnoy create an interior renaissance, and the selected in this perspective, furniture interior support in general. If we talk about stuff that is either dull, or glossy film to be coated photo printing on practically all subjects. >> Shiny Shiny Stretch ceilings Stretch ceilings are a feature. They visually "lift" the ceiling, creating the illusion volume of space. In addition, the glossy stretch ceiling throughout the room give a solemn expression. It is not necessary to use the classic white color for the ceiling. We offer different colors. Surprisingly, the modern trend contrasts affect the design of the entire premises. The combination of cold and warm tones can be considered glossy stretch ceiling as one of the stylish solutions for design. >> Matt suspended ceilings advantage that matte stretch ceilings, allowing them to become quite popular. Their ability to perfectly disguise minor blemishes and defects ceilings liking almost everything. This is understandable, it is difficult to make a perfect ceiling. Matt stretch ceiling – this is the best solution. Unwanted reflections and glare from the success of "extinguished" matte paintings, which allows the right to transfer semitone tissue regardless of the color of the interior.


Typically, the wiring (copper wire) initially has a long service life and therefore never by itself does not terminate and does not close. 60 per cent of all faults in the wiring occur at the joints wires between them. These places may include: Raspayachnye boxes; switchboards (joining the wires to the circuit breaker to the neutral bus); Switches (place sample sconces and chandeliers); Connect the wires in the sockets (sockets go train) Faulty wiring can cause a mechanical action in the field drilling, chiselling walls, installing baseboards, sample paintings, chandeliers and other things that can affect the defective wiring. In 20 percent of Electrical malfunction occurs due to circuit or an open electrical wiring in the wall panels. This is due to the large electrical load.

If the protective device (RCD) in order, and is chosen correctly, the machine needs to limit the load of electric networks by means of his trip. Closure or open supply may also be associated with crumbling, old aluminum wires, or you simply banal filled neighbors. Typically, this type of fault can be associated with poor wiring, which could work on "Hill electricians. Has been traced in a damaged or not Certified wire, were made without wiring boxes, poor attachment of wires. This is the most difficult type of failure, since Linked to chiselling walls, ceilings, etc. After removing this failures have something to cover up, repaint or paste, ie, wasting time and money on redecorating. Initially, to determine fault in the electrical, you need to visually examine the presence of darkening and deposits in the sockets, switches, chandeliers.

Motion Primer

The second coat is applied as the first. High-quality color hold only glue and casein compositions. Casein primer before use to filter. Cause of its spray gun. Cement formulations should be coated with a high porosity. Particularly strong film is obtained by staining on porous concrete.

Prepared in the usual way the surface before applying the primer (first color) should be drench with water to a moisture content 37-40%. Primer is applied immediately after the disappearance of the surface water. Cement primer composition can be applied by spray gun or spray gun with nozzle diameter of not less than 2,5 mm. However, best results are obtained when applying the primer stiff brush. When painting internal surfaces of waterborne emulsion paints the surface being prepared in the same way as a conventional water stains. Apply paint by vitriol and alum soil is not recommended, so cooked ground surface primer corresponding color: polyvinyl acetate, stirolbutadieno-hand, acrylic, etc. When working on an oil ground surface must be proshpaklevat putty appropriate form of coloring. Priming emulsion formulations are applied by roller or paint sprayer.

Apply the primer with a brush is not recommended, because the paint loses its properties under a long feather. For small scope of work as an exception may be applied manually priming compositions bast primaries or tassels. In this case, the layer of primer on the walls causing vertical movements of the brush, followed by shading it in horizontal direction, the ceiling – the motion is parallel to the incident light, with the final shading in the transverse direction.