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Construction Of The Turkish Bath (Hamam )

Turkish bath has heated floors, walls and couches. Hammam, who are renowned for exceptional comfort, built on the principle of the palm. Kidney Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. That is five fingers – it’s five rooms, five bath niches. Area of 2 square meters and to infinity. In different niches – different temperature (from 70 to 100 degrees).

Here are some of them and there is not only physical but also spiritual purification. In general, we must admit that the technology of construction of such objects is quite difficult. Here Why do such work come from construction companies with experience in the business. However, there are no rules without exceptions. There have been cases where homeowners are even building a Turkish bath with his own hands, but usually it’s people artisans. For them first of all recall that during the construction of a Turkish bath as opposed to the construction of the Russian bath completely eliminated the use of wood. Applies only a stone. Say, the beds of marble, the ceiling and walls – of mosaic.

In the extreme case – a ceramic tile. We emphasize that the principle of how the hammam is under construction, remained the same, but today there are new materials. And basically this should be remembered when they approach decorating. Ways finishes can be varied. But their requirements are the same: thermal insulation and moisture of the room. Full hydraulic, acoustic and thermal insulation provided, for example, hard foam panel of which makes the power frame. In this case, and do not need additional finishing. Of the panels can be made not only the walls of Turkish bath, but the curved seat and even domed ceiling. This method of finishing guarantees that the air in the room will warm up faster. The load on the floor will be reduced and the construction of the pair will be reduced. True, such a finish is expensive. That’s because the construction of a hammam in this case involves use imported materials, which are now, let wedi panels and the like. Slab of polystyrene and then covered with a thermal loop of plastic pipe, and then steel mesh. Then finishing Finish the room with the plaster.

Consumer Rights

See: Appendix N 4, "Certain types of activities (services) to be sanitary-epidemiological expertise (approved by Order of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumers Protection and Welfare of November 21, 2005 N 776) b) List of goods which must be executed sanitary-epidemiological certificates or certificates of state registration, customs clearance (2007): Articles of cement, concrete or artificial stone, whether or not reinforced (code 6810) 2. Refusal Letter Refusal letter – an official document which indicates that this product does not apply to objects of obligatory certification in the GOST R system for selling products on the territory of the Russian Federation establish that the requested products can be attributed to a certain general type of production (on All-Russian classifier) and the addressee of refusal letter stands head of the firm, sending the request. Decorate refusal letters accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, Certification Bodies. 'Refusal Letters' certification in the field of fire safety issued by authorized certification bodies accredited in the fire safety system. Boy Scouts of America has plenty of information regarding this issue. 'Exemption Letter' is available on the product, which was not included in the order of the Russian Emergency Ministry from 08.07.2002 N 320 "On approving the list of products subject to compulsory certification in the field of fire safety. " Thus, the refusal letter is a very convenient "substitute" certificate of suitability in commercial transactions with demanding clients and binding instrument for export-import operations … 3.

Certificate of Conformity Certificate (also called a certificate of quality, safety certificate, certificate of compliance in the system GOST R) – a document certifying independent of manufacturers and consumers bodies of conformity to certain security requirements established in the regulations. Product Certification in the Russian Federation is based on federal law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and "On certification of products and services." The seller or manufacturer of the product may apply to the application for a mandatory or voluntary certification in any accredited certification body. To obtain a certificate of compliance required documents: GOST or TU (technical specifications – paving), production schedules, certificates The raw materials and supplies and much more. Thus, registration certificate of conformity for products of the decorative concrete – it purely voluntary and usually characterizes the level of production and seriousness of the enterprise to the subjective opinion of consumers of its products … full article: Licensing and certification of coating materials Concrete enforcement actions and other Equipment for concrete – all this in detail in the section of questions and answers