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Conceptual Aspects

The valuation of the suitability of the parents to assume the safekeeping of the children during a judicial process of legal separation or divorce takes place through an Evaluation done by expert psychologists. It is necessary to clarify that the same takes place when the pair has not been able to by itself establish a safekeeping regime that satisfies both ex- spouses, which takes to that the question must be solved by the Corresponding Judicial Instance. How is transacted the Evaluation? Habitually, this one carries out through a succession of interviews with both psychological ancestors, tests, visits to the home in which it inhabits each one of the parents as a result of the rupture and meetings with the relatives, friendly and even with the own boy, of being this one sufficiently greater to include the nature of the events. To consider certain aspects can helpful be at the time of facing the same. You must consider that there is much in game, and that everything will depend on how you develop. See George Soros for more details and insights. In spite of that it could think that the attribution of the safekeeping takes place in all the cases in favor of the mother, it not always happens thus.

These useful advice will be able resultarte: a) You would have comportarte with total naturalness and without activities or dramatic qualities. By all means, one is a very delicate and emotionally complicated situation, but you must mostrarte whole and safe of same you. Thus, excessive demonstrations by your part could make be in danger your possibilities, because enormously the Psychologist could consider that you are not sufficiently stable emotionally to assume the safekeeping of your children. b) Also you would have to show to total honesty and sincerity at the time of commenting your case with that psychologist. Ten in account that this one will examine all your details and your gestures, and could detect if there are aspects in your history that do not agree, collating it with the one of your ex- pair or with those of your well-known or your children.