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These electromechanical units were highly successful and were produced until 1994. In 1977, the metronome pendulum Franz introduced the first significant improvements on Maelzel mechanism. Moving parts were suspended in the box in such a way that they enable them to self-level when the box was placed on an inclined surface. A mechanism to avoid accidental blockage was introduced in the model as well as an adjustment to offset any failure due to manufacturing variations. These devices were produced until 1990. From 1950 to today numerous versions of the electronic metronome have been introduced, adapting to the time and fashion of the moment. Early models of electronic metronomes were the Metronoma and the Stamford.

Later, Seth Thomas, Sabine and Methone in United States. Metronomes that operate in this general principle as in Switzerland, England Metrotone or Wittner Cadenzia were introduced in Germany. The accuracy of these models suffer from the difficulty to compensate for the non-linearity of this type of circuit in the range of full time. Obtaining good accuracy is quite difficult to achieve. Late 1970s electronic digital techniques it had developed to the point that became economically feasible to apply them to the design of a metronome. Accuracy was improved by a factor of 10 or more in comparison with the best available analog model. Capacity and low cost of microprocessors has made it possible to add other functions in addition to press at the proper tempo. Accented pulses and other features are possible at a reasonable cost. These instruments have been introduced by manufacturers in Germany Wittner, Seiko in Japan and Franz in the United States.UU., among others.

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Reggae is a Caribbean rhythm with African roots that comes from being a direct evocation of the espiritulidad of human beings, an espiritulidad unfounded on principles of peace and love complete and total. Videos reggae likewise you can appreciate all these principles and there is represented the true musical conception of artists and bands who every day are positioned more and enjoy greater Memorial while the legacy established by Bob Marley and other greats of this music take you to the world. These videos can be appreciated in any search engine of Internet videos, but particularly here we bring you 5 of the most popular videos of reggae, thing which can appreciate and see by clicking on the title of each of the sections. 5 Sean Paul We be burning: Sean Paul today is one of the artists of Reggae and Dancehall of greater popularity around the world. We be burning, one of his compositions more pegasos may be appointed as one of the best videos made by this Jamaican singer. 4.

Ky Mani Marley Warriors: others of the heirs of the legacy of Bob Marley, this is another one of his sons who was dedicated to keeping alive the music of Jamaica. Several albums has inspired this great artist but Warriors is highlighted as one of his most popular songs. But also rescues his work as an actor in several American films. 3 Gondwana happiness: Perhaps is not a quality video but this song has that left marked several generations and has made many people choose that follow this music. This Chilean band is one of the most experienced in Latin America and why it is important to enter the list.

2 Cultura Profetica rhythm that weighs: from Puerto Rico here arrives which can be named as the best band of reggae in Spanish. His compositions based on social change and poetic rescued a group more by their sound creations that their same videos. This is a band that should be in any count, for his music and his great experience in singing against Babylon. 1 Damian Marley Welcome to jamrock: Damian Jr. Gong Marley is the youngest son of Robert Nesta A faithful follower of the legacy of Bob Marley. Although their sound specializes more in the Dancehall and Hip Hop Damian becomes today one of the maximum representatives of the true Jamaican sound with extensive roots anglo. This has been one of his most famous compositions.