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Profitable Projects

Innovation is a high-risk activity. Between 80 and 95% of new products are failing in the market. Here, a structured approach that goes from the generation of original ideas until the release in a context of controlled risk entrepreneurs and managers know that, to survive, they must offer new customers. But innovation is a high-risk activity. According to the firm’s market AcuPoll research, between 80 and 95% of new products are failing.In this way, organizations are faced with a double challenge.

On the one hand, they need to generate creative ideas to survive. On the other hand, they should avoid that the project will fail in the implementation.In this article we present a method of innovation management that allows to generate conditions for the production of original ideas and implement them in a context of controlled risk.The model is relevant for entrepreneurs that they intend to launch a new project to market both large organizations innovation teams. 1) Creativity: the generation of new ideas Pablo Picasso said: every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction. Indeed, create required to destroy our conventional way of thinking. But we don’t need the genius of the great Picasso to forge an original idea.Creative thinking techniques are systematic and scheduled actions that individuals and groups can run deliberately aiming to generate novel approaches.Thus, the first step toward the launch of an innovative product consists of holding sessions of creativity which apply methods to encourage the generation of original ideas.Gutenberg devised the mechanism of their printing after observing how they worked the presses used in the manufacture of cheeses and oils. This revolutionary idea came from what are known as analog thinking. He was captured in an alien environment and then extrapolated to the own challenge solution.To find useful analogies, it is fundamental to expose us to new situations. For example, talking with other people areas and industries, investigating on the way in which face problems similar to ours.To do this, Google often organize lectures of different disciplines for their employees.