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King Leader

Make sure you clearly define what your vision. Being specific in every detail of what you want is the only way that you can identify the opportunities that take you to the place desired. While your vision to be ambiguous and non-specific, you’re just having an illusion of achieving something sometime. Identifies, defines, outlines, creates and planned models to the full realization of your vision. Think like a champion and plays to win. Play to win in your life means forget the but or fear to failure. Did you know that the leaders feed gifts of failure? A leader knows very well the failure.

The leader who has not experienced the failure is not a successful leader. The magic is in failing to Affairs or different paths. NEVER in the same. If you play not to lose is the same plan for failure or settle for your comfortable zone. From there you will only receive more of the same.

Create an empire.I know the King, and the older server. The most important quality in a leader is humility. And humility has nothing to do with the shortage and it is important that you are clear (a) difference. For the realization of any vision is important the agreement relations. One of the most important qualities of a leader is his ability to influence (not manipulate). A leader without influence is a leader of poor relations; without credibility. Which does not make him a leader in the first place. Create an empire is to create a community aligned with a vision that move them. Being King means being the largest server. And understand the wise distinction between the two. Plant a seed of greatness. Do you ever wondered whats the trail that you’re leaving in your walk?Sow seeds of greatness is quality of teachers. A teacher knows that seeds bloom to your step and your time. If you’ve valued your life teachers, and integrated his seed in you making it grow to consciousness, you know that our greatness is manifested through the smallest details and results. Your results never lie. And are a perfect reflection of who are being and how effective your actions, your applications are being your life. If today you are not who you want to be, or not have what dream have; consider asking you: who are allowing to be your teachers?, that is what these by choosing apply? and which is the track that you’re leaving in your path? Planting seeds comes great responsibility. So if in your heart your North shines visible Anda and sowing seeds of greatness! Leadership is a lifestyle to visionaries like you. Your life is a beautiful field of possibility. If you do not do it happens nobody will do it for you. Play to win go to you!


When I affirm that everyone is creative, nor much less importance to creativity I’m subtracting, I’m only leaving to see something and it is that creativity belongs to man, in fact, is the most precious gift that has been granted to us. Without it you would not surely reading this article or I would have either failed to write it. I invite you observe to your around, stop a moment in any object and reflections on him. The man has invented everything, and it has done so through creativity, how if not? Anything coming for an idea and that idea arises in the brain. For even more details, read what BSA says on the issue. All we have one, therefore we are all creative. I am aware that this is a fairly simplification reduction of reality and should be nuanced conveniently, so explain me better. Auque creativity has been sought throughout the brain, I think that it was not found. Dr. Neal Barnard may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Three reasons I hope that they will help to understand my position: is truth that has come to assert that the right hemisphere is our creative hemisphere, leaving to the left the more analytical part and serious thought. I have no doubt that this cannot be true, but as I see it, creativity is not just that. Ideas, even good ideas, may arising out of a more open mind, less analytical and conventional, although it is not always the case. But even accepting this view, must remember that creativity is not only a divergent process and this is just the first phase of the creative process. Once the ideas have flowed is strictly necessary an analytical part, more conservative, more organized, as it is the left hemisphere, where these fresh ideas can settle to give them shape. Convergent thinking must be the successor of the divergent to make the creative process full and not sit in a mere brainstorm without sense.