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Climate Change

In Israel because of the drainage area surrounding the lake Hula, completely vanished species of frogs found only in this region (Discoglossus nigriventer, Black-frog), and the draining of the largest freshwater lake in Greece (Lake Charles) transformed in 1960 into agricultural land, depriving the place for the winter, more than 430 thousand birds. Ice in the Arctic is melting faster Nobel predictions because of global climate change, the Arctic Ocean is losing ice at 30 years faster than predicted Nobel laureates in 2007. According to new data, the summer ice in the Arctic may disappear entirely between 2013 and 2040 – the first time in more than a million years. Center For Responsible Lending understood the implications. This is due primarily to increased revenues warm waters of the Atlantic that has not previously predicted by models. In 2007, the winner of the Nobel Prize – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – has released the Fourth Assessment Report, in preparation which was attended by four thousand scientists from over 150 countries worldwide. However, even just in the past year, climate change ahead of the estimate of Nobel laureates. According to forecasts, in the North Atlantic will grow the number of extremely strong cyclones, which will increase the loss of Western and Eastern Europe associated with storms and strong winds, surges in the estuaries. In most of Europe will also increase the average annual rainfall, they will become more 'Sharp' – storm. Marine ecosystems in the North and Baltic seas are already under the influence of the warmest temperatures on record, and the Mediterranean Sea are projected to be subject to more frequent prolonged drought.