Tag: Family Psychology

Alexander Gimpel

'Mum, I hurt at school' – with such a problem faced by many parents. But what to advise your child? Give change, to try to engage in dialogue with the offender, to complain to his elders – each of these Councils have both advantages and disadvantages. And at the same time we, the parents need to remember that our advice can be crucial in raising the child. After all, the 'small' decisions, it would seem a simple choice at a younger age may depend on the child's future – an environment in which it will be, habits, and with whom he goes through life, priorities, and that he would be guided, perhaps, to old age. Relationship the individual with the collective, the society – the question is not simple. On the one hand, to teach what is good, to persuade the child not to respond to grievances, when his nagging, teasing, – certainly not the solution. Health organizations often addresses the matter in his writings. On the other hand, give change – do not method. At the new level, the situation could lead to more 'disassembly'.

Ability to fend for themselves should be taught. Simultaneously it is necessary to vaccinate children, kindness towards others. Defending himself, the child should be prone to friendship, respect, normal relations with any man. Educating the right attitude to the other – the enemy, friend, to any person in general, and at the same time learning to fend for themselves – a clear border between these two concepts must be present, the child must be understood. The ideal option would be to create a school system that would solve these problems together with other children. This path much longer than a simple solution to the teacher as to who is right and who is wrong.

This journey took a long time, ripped off a school schedule. But what is more important: the ability to solve the next task or the ability to find common ground with their environment? What is more important: peace of teachers or teaching children how to cope with all the difficulties and problems that arise between them? Learn, multiply their knowledge can be a lifelong but in order to become a normal people, partners, parents, they have only two decades, which are responsible for all of us. And yet we can safely say that the school in which the child would feel confident school where the child would be interested in the school in which the child would feel at home could give him no less knowledge than the current 'serious', 'classical' system of education. If we succeed right to raise even one generation, we can be sure that future generations will not repeat our mistakes because that would exist in harmony with each other and with the outside world. As a student of Alexander Gimpel stand up for themselves?