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Miss Photogenic-Germany 2011

The new “Miss photogenic Germany 2011” was elected the new “Miss photogenic Germany 2011” has been chosen! The young up-and-coming model Jane Fleur from Heide, Schleswig-Holstein, has chosen for the election and was elected to the new “Miss photogenic Germany 2011”. It represents thus Germany international elections on Malta in 2011, where about 58 Nations for the title: “Miss Photogenic of the Planet” fight. The victory ceremony will take place in January 2011 in Heath, where held a ceremony in the water tower is. Here also the Cup will be presented with a voucher for a professional shooting in Paris! Jane Fleur also works as “Ambassador” for the project “Well in Ghana”. Her manager, Michael Marx, personal Press Attache of the King of Hohoe Ghana to do so: “it’d more young people like Jane Fleur, infant mortality in Ghana would be reduced drastically”.

The young up-and-coming model sets all free time for this volunteer project, to it a) to publicize and b) to collect funds. A well – costs 6,000 euros of so many children can save lives. Nieman Foundation understands that this is vital information. At the time a new well is being reopened to all donors in stone gemeizelt are available, reports Jane Fleur. The Vice Miss photogenic Germany, Lea orchid from Freiberg in Saxony and the third-place finishers, Angela Zeisner from Nordrhein Westphalia Bonn, will 2011 also featuring travel to Malta and fight for the local “world title”. As a victory bonus both have a Strandshooting with short breaks in “Cadzand / NL” won. Our fingers we, again a Cup going to Germany as early as 2008. Since women took Rubin, from Saxony, himself the title “Miss photogenic of the world”. FYI: the choice to “Miss Photogenic Germany” isn’t a choice, where it runs on the catwalk; It is in this election to have charisma and above all about the models take their job seriously.

Model Manager Michael Marx to: “in the industry of are models only as a tool; either it works or it is replaced”. Therefore, the final shooting was in a waterfall; in the winter! Freezing temperatures made everything else a shower as pleasant. Marx to: “models need to differentiate themselves; stand out. There has never been as many models as it is today, I’m back on the Internet and the typical model shows on TV. But 95% of the “models” describe themselves online portals; even so, in div. without the hint of a chance to achieve something.

Fashion Label

MAY YOU BE HAPPY: the new fashion label combines lively elegance with philanthropic spirituality Hamburg, August 2011. MAY YOU BE HAPPY: not only the name, but the DNA of the new fashion label from Hamburg, Germany. May you be happy. With the emphasis on you”. Because the cause of many problems in the world is this eternal I, mine, me, me, excessive self-centeredness. More and more people are aware of the situation and try to make their lives less self-centered. MAY YOU BE HAPPY, expresses a sense of life that appeals to them.

In August, the online store opens. with the first collection of his contemporary shirts: 12 styles for men and women. MAY YOU BE HAPPY stands for exuberant elegance. You reduced not on a certain age and also not to skim sizes. Top, tunic, shirt: they are inspired by Asian aesthetics and Mediterranean lightness. You are cool without ever cool designs for women, not girls.

Striking statements for men, the any guys want to be. MAY YOU BE HAPPY: combined innovative in cut and fabric design, while but always very good portable and versatile. The shirts are mostly made of high-quality organic cotton in Germany. At prices that can be cheap, are comfortable but fair calculated. Lieblingsshirts you want to wear everyday are MAY YOU BE HAPPY. They are made for people who enjoy fashion and beautiful things. And know this, that there are more important things than fashion fun. The quest creates happiness only if it includes other beings true satisfaction. MAY YOU BE HAPPY connects to this wisdom and wants to make a contribution, to spread it. The motivation MAY BE YOU make HAPPY each T-Shirt a wonderful gift. For others, for themselves. Because it makes happy to make other people happy. It is already happy to wish one another good luck. May you be happy”is a mood raiser for the man who says it, the it sounds. Want another being lucky is useful and beneficial for both sides. However, to alleviate suffering, there are often material support. MAY YOU BE HAPPY would help this. The mission is not to generate profits for only a few. Large parts of the company’s profits to be donated to charities. The Web Magazine MAYmagazine. beyond fashion (www.maymagazine.eu) promotes and supports MAY YOU BE HAPPY artists, entrepreneurs and organizations that have a human, ethical and spiritual healing requests. The Web Magazine is to serve them as network and stage. MAY YOU BE HAPPY is a creation of Hans Oberlander, 55, from Hamburg, who leads the company as a sole proprietor. Hans Oberlander is a highly experienced journalist who has worked in 28 years as editor or freelance for a variety of well-known magazines, among them star, Gala, Wirtschaftswoche, Lufthansa Magazin. O Brien practiced for many years Buddhism in the tradition the Zen. Contact: MAY YOU BE HAPPY Hans Oberlander Gertigstr. 14 22303 Hamburg phone + 49 40 9479 1533