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Features Treatments Skirts And Trousers

Pants and skirts are called lap products. They have many common components (pockets, belt, bottom, zip), it gives the right to combine a description of their technology. Pants in a contemporary fashion wear for both men and women. Pants and skirts may be part of a costume or be a separate kind of clothes. Single cut trousers can be more varied – with curly and horizontal seams at the line of the knees, of considerable width at the bottom, with the yoke, patch pockets, vertical seams front and back, etc.

To suit trousers are characteristic elements of the standard cut – cut-off times at the waist, moderate expansion of the bottom, and side-stepping the presence of sutures. By construction ( Depending on the destination) pants are divided into the following categories: trousers pants, trousers sport trousers into boots. Pants in boots – it's uniform trousers, tapering downwards by cutting the details. Trousers sports purposes – for golf course (length of just below the knees, cuffs), shorts, ski pants, etc. trousers worn over shoes in the daily, business and formal setting. Today's trousers worn outside may have more or less dense encirclement by the hips and thighs different silhouette below: tapering down to the knees extended, tapering downward, straight throughout its length. Modify silhouette pants depends on fashion trends in the current period. Skirts may have yokes and pockets (pockets in the seams, patch pockets, welt pockets.) By the cut and design of the skirt suit related to the composition of the jacket, skirt and single – are more varied.