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Cambridge University English

London, December 2, 2008 – EF Education First and the University of Cambridge, Department of ESOL (Cambridge exams in English language for foreigners) today announced a collaboration on an international level. EF, the world leader in the field of teaching foreign languages, and the University of Cambridge, examination certificates which are highly valued throughout the world, are planning several joint programs aimed at increasing the level of English proficiency in students. These programs include specialized EF Cambridge English Level Test (EF CELT), as well as additional Cambridge program of professional education for teachers of EF. EFCELTspetsialno developed for the determination reached by the time completion of the knowledge of students at EF schools around the world. President EF Philip Hult said: We are very pleased to collaborate c Cambridge University. We believe that through our cooperation, we will quality of learning English by studying the best tools and techniques of training and testing. We also believe that the use of the Cambridge standards in our schools will benefit our students and they can significantly improve their knowledge.

It's very good that the company has decided to give their EF course, the levels of international standards and cooperate with us. We are happy to to work closely with EF, said Mike Milanovic, head of ESOL. Nieman Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. More information on the site EF Education Abroad __________ EF Education First is one of the world's largest private education company, which includes 15 subdivisions, and charitable organizations. The company specializes in teaching foreign languages and has offices and schools in 50 countries. The company employs more than 27.000 employees, teachers, and volunteers. Our mission is simple: to overcome linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers that divide us. Over the past 40 years, we have helped people of all ages and nationalities become citizens of the world. EF Education First was founded in Sweden in 1965 by a young entrepreneur David Haltom. Our initial task was to send students of senior classes in the UK to learn English.