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Santa Maria Novella

Assassin Creed II After a first episode of Assassin Creed did not meet expectations, Ubisoft, the company responsible for producing and distributing the game redeems itself with a second version with many more possibilities in gameplay and a story that goes beyond the concern linearity Release of the saga. BSA shines more light on the discussion. In Assassin's Creed II players control a character who starts the game with 17 and reaches the thirties, called Ezio and claiming revenge on those who were the murderers of his family. Also come into play other mafias of the time as the Templars, the Medici, the Borgias and other secret conspiracies in the air The action takes place in Renaissance Italy (1476) with the wealth to the game environment that entails. Cities like Florence and Venice are the game landscape with his works represented the smallest detail. If you already Assassin Creed graphics I had a note high enough, in the second of these actually go beyond with some major improvements and textures. That is no doubt that if the action is going to develop in the years late fifteenth century in Italy was very important to care for the environmental aspect as it was a time when the great artistic expressions related to Christianity had flourished years ago. The Basilica of San Marco, Santa Maria del Fiore, Santa Maria Novella, Palazzo Vecchio, the Grand Canal in Venice, … all places that can be seen today have been reflected with a mime and brilliant detail.

The modeling of the cathedrals, palaces, etc, have a geometry very worked, with lots of textured detail and made with great care. It is a delight to walk through them and appreciate the great work and textured polygon that has been carried out. The lighting in the daytime and at night has been very careful, and it is easy to appreciate the passing of the hours in the life of the player with the changes seen in the ground. The music, without much fanfare, but the movement also conditioning. The controls (NPC) are also more likely. The main but the game can have is when developing plans short game characters. The facial textures are not in keeping with the rest of the stage that surrounds the game and their expressions leave much to be desired.