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Public Education

According to Miriam, Specialist in ambient education, the municipal support must take in account the impacts of the urbanization workmanships; the permeabilizao of the ground; the half periurbano and the agricultural one; the management of the forest hdricos resources and the hidrogrficas basins. But it is not what it happens, therefore nor always is made a study on these impacts, from this form suffers the population that lives the grace of the promises of the politicians. The director of Ecoar and the Oscip sees the Brazilians as ' ' survivors of a historical process that tried, throughout the centuries, to make of us a useless people, mass of maneuver of dishonest politicians the elites oportunistas' '. She believes, however, in the capacity of our people to go to the fight: ' ' we survive to this time, we grow, we educate in them, we democratize the Country, we construct an enviable infrastructure, a supermodern agriculture, develop technology of ponta' '. Miriam points challenges for the front and as to face them: ' ' we have difficulties to choose and to charge of our governing more forceful positions, more courageous, that help the Country to leave fast more the emergent period of training of and passing of time to be part of desenvolvidos' '. What, its to see, is only possible with decent indices of job, social fairness, health, education and cares with the environment. With the increase of these indices the populations will be able to support themselves. Leaderships democratic politics, on the other hand, they have perceived that the reason of its electoral success if of accurately for its capacity catalyzing processes that result in development politician, the example of the participativa elaboration of municipal budget that we will say more the front. The urbanization process, the biggest access the information, the expansion that slowly comes occurring in the access to formal education, the rise of the critical level of discernment and, the existence of instruments of limitation of the will of the governing (for intermediary of the Public prosecution service), everything conspires against the traditional politician and the voter.

Electric Car

Brazil is rich; poor persons are the ones that take for banks foreign its money, instead of putting into motion it in its Nation with great companies and schools, for the unemployeds and neglected the education of. Electric car the cars pass furious for the streets and if they cross quick for the squares; they seem torches, run as lightning. Book of Naum Prophet, CAP. 2:4. Electric car is of rich Country? Then, it is of Brazil; That it is leaving the funnel, Where the rich said ones had placed, It. It is the Country of the Gift; not of the future, As the brain obtuso, Tried to define.

It is in it that it is started, to finish with the pollution, This lack of education, said educated them, and that the sides go for all, Poluindo the People. Electric car? It has of being for this Country; With its great hydroelectric plants, That if make manifest, In its mago. Brazil has all the wealth, But, the poor person of Soul, and full of grana, Wants to see it in the mud. However, the CHRIST of GOD, Founder of this Formal Plan, Will keep the Magnificent Ideal, Of the NATIVE LAND of the Native lands. Electric car for this Native land, to be clean of the smoke, Of that they only take tobacco.

Christians Politics

Consideraes Final Gives credit that it is evident the contribution of the theory of the disruption of the relations politics between the Church and the State; therefore, to this theory that if makes fort and gift in the present time, it must all I sanction to the illustrious French philosopher Nicholas Maquiavel, who exactly criticized for many at its time and current times, wrote its ideas that had reverberated in the society human being and had crossed centuries until arriving a modern world. Its conceptions are of great value and great relevance in the thought current politician. 6. Bibliographical references GRUPPI, Luciano, Everything started with Maquiavel COTRIM, Gilbert, History for average education – Brazil and Geral BLACKSMITH, Joo Vicente, the politics in Maquiavel – Philosophy average education Addresses of research online: 1 Academic of 1 Period of the course of Right – Guarapuava Facultieses 2 In the end of sc XIII, the lands for good production had become rare, what it caused an established economic crisis in the fall of the productivity.

How much the question of the crisis politics, can be inserted the diversity of fights of the Christianity, however a fight between the proper Christians was unchained. Diverse cities had been pillaged and devastadas. Please visit Dr. Neal Barnard if you seek more information. The clutter, in the cities and the means of production caused a crisis in the food supplying, and also in it I deal of the Europe Occidental person. 3 ‘ ‘ On the part of the church Catholic, who imposed the authority of the Pope on the diverse kingdoms of the European Christianity ocidental’ ‘ .COTRIM, Gilbert. 4 classic Workmanship of Nicholas known Maquiavel.Mais as a manual of intrusions for governing. In it the accurate way was contained as a Prince in relation to its subjects would have to behave itself to reach so longed for sanctions. Until the present, the workmanship is seen as heading book for that they act in half politicians of the society.

5 Thought pronounced for Aristotle and the weighers 6 greco-Christians Phrase that was said years after Maquiavel in a letter of Thomas Jefferson written to the Danbury Baptists, and such document related – the First Emendation of the Federal Constitution of U.S.A. 7 a philosophical doctrine that defends and promotes the religious separation of the State of the churches and communities, as well as the neutrality of the State in religious substance. It does not have to be confused with atesmo of State. 8 For Priest Matthew Habiger OSB, Ph.D. Site the Catholic 9 Note divulged in address online of the Terramar Institute 10 the News divulged in address online 11 For Fernando Axe Da Silva Limaadvogado, real estate broker, journalist, professor of Constitucional law of the UNAMA, assessor of solicitor in the Public prosecution service of the State of Par.

Federal District

The objective licitation to guarantee aobservncia I begin of it constitutional of the isonomy and to select aproposta more advantageous for the Administration, in way the equal asseguraroportunidade to all the interested parties and to make possible ocomparecimento to the certame of the biggest possible number of competitors. ALei n 8,666, of 1993, to the prescribed o article 37, interpolated proposition XXI, Federal dConstituio, established general norms on licitations pertinent administrative econtratos the workmanships, services, also depublicidade, purchases, alienations and locations in the scope of them To be able dUnio, States, Federal District and of the Cities. The norms quedisciplinam the public licitations must be interpreted in favor daampliao of the dispute between the interested parties, since whom informed noedital and they do not compromise the interest of the administration, begin it daisonomia, the purpose and the security of the act of contract. In agreement comessa, the contract celebration with third in the Pblicadeve Administration necessarily being preceded of licitation, excepted ashipteses of dismissal and inexigibilidade of licitation. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Neal Barnard. The process delicitao will be carried through in the place where if to point out the agency or entidadepromotora of the certame, saved in reason of public interest, duly motivated and justified in the process. The gift trabalhovisa to discourse on the present similar subject to approach the reader dasnormas related and its importance in the transparency of administraodo public money.

INTRODUCTION Licitation is the process of act of contract of a legal entity or physical on the part of an entity of the public or particular administration. According to Jose Carlos Marion (2000, P.15). This happens due to update of system of evidence of budget c6hamados of proposals of the companies who take care of the legal and necessary specifications, all constants inside of the proclamation. This because the company who in such a way offers to the proposal most advantageous the public or particular institutions will be the contemplated one for supply of the product or service.

After The Elections

Passed the 2010 elections the expectation for 2011 is very great. Some questions if make necessary. How the president-elect goes to conciliate the diverse partisan edeologias had supported that it? Its apoiadores will go to continue supporting after not receiving in exchange what it was promised to them? Mrs. Dilma will have psychological conditions to face the serious problems that afflict Brazil? How one will behave its opponents? , with dignity to approve projects of interest of the Brazilians? It will be that the Squid does not go to govern more per 4 years for behind the Dilma? As it comes they are excessively peguntas that they do not want to be silent. I wait that let us can have a government compromised to education, haitao, security that is work to be directed and executed with priorities for the federal and state government. I also wait that the president-elect conserves our democratic state.. Professor of Internet Governance is full of insight into the issues.


To privatize and to transfer to the private sphere organized common wealth for the exercise of an activity, for example, Vale s.a., that was created with public resources to explore the ore of iron of the Brazilian subsoil. To equip is to inside occupy position of command of an organization in ways to keep it lined up with an ideology, for example, Vale s.a. that was privatized with public resources so that it exactly kept an ideological line in the case of government change. The companies of telecommunications dissolved of the Telebras had also suffered the same process from equipment. Today the Oi-Telemar is a private company under the command of the families Jereissati and Gutierrez.

But the resources for its operacionalizao are 80% public. In the Valley, the government withholds directly and indirectly 61% of the capital with right the vote, but it could not be put, because the necessity of 66% of the capital was provided in the statute of the privatization voter to approve structural changes in the direction of the company. The sales were only of command of the company, already the capital remained public, aiming at, evidently, to benefit ideological partners. The result of this mamata so far is the great delay of Brazil in expansion of the Internet and the siderurgical branch. It can be argued, however, that if these companies generate profits the country if benefits, therefore as bigger investor also receives most from the profits. The problem is that the ideology of the profit is blind for the interests of the country, is not imported in creating jobs in China, while one tero of the Brazilians lives in the misery.

The Brazilian state, institution that if says to belong to the people, must prioritize the improvement of the quality of life of the Brazilians, and its investments cannot so only obey the logic of the profit. It is the expansion of the industry and the services that creates the necessity of workmanship hand, in consequence it creates chance for the expansion of the education, and from there the improvement of the quality of life to the citizen. It seems that finally the PT, after eight years trying, will follow to impose some change in the planning of the Valley. Whereas the Oi-Telemar has much time comes licking the hand of the controllers of the party. The problem of this type of relation private-public is exactly the absence of control mechanism. Companies ‘ ‘ privada’ ‘ they can buy without licitations, they choose its suppliers freely and they pay the price that to want from there, and that it leaves much money for one obscuroduto that it goes to fortify groups financially ideological politicians and partners.

Fiscal Responsibility

This wants to say, therefore, in according to place, that the accounts of the Federal speakers of the house, of the Federal Senate, the state legislatures, of the city councils, as well as of the heads of the Judiciary Power and the Public prosecution service in all the levels, beyond presidents of autarchies, foundations, state-owned companies, secretaries of state etc., are judged, in last instance, of independent form and without interference of the Legislative, for the courts of accounts. (interpolated proposition II of article 71 of the CF). Please visit Center for Responsible Business if you seek more information. In third, it fits to remember that the courts of accounts also give its accounts, in the case to the Legislative, as preceitua the paragraph 4 of article 71 of the Federal Constitution. This device determines that ' ' the Court of Accounts will direct annually to the National, quarterly Congress and, report of its atividades.' ' This can not be enough for the solution of the classic problem of who controls the controller, from there the necessity of an agency in the molds of a National Advice of Justice for the courts of accounts. Beyond its fiscalizadora mission, a CNTC will be able to still uniformizar criteria of performance of the cuts of accounts so that the decisions of these casuistry agencies are not the grace of and eventual bizarrices. An example of uniformizao it can be in relation to the fiscalization of the fulfilment of the Law of Fiscal Responsibility, to only cite a legislation. The complexity of the subject requires the participation in the debate of different segments of the civil society, not only of the legislator and the representatives of the courts. After all, ahead of this classic question of who controls the controller, who must control the controller of the controller, not to be the proper society, through its diverse organized representations?