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There is no connection-if you are a father or mother know surely recognize those moments where there is connection with your children: there is a relaxed atmosphere, you look at them in the eyes, they laugh at the same things, and feel good. On the contrary, when there has been a time of separation either physical or emotional (te enojaste for something that broke, for example), the contact is distant and elusive. Think of two lovers in the first case, and two unknown in the second. Before giving an order, it is important that you reestablezcas this connection bringing you passively, hooking you in your activity, putting you at your level and making much eye contact. This may take a few seconds but at the end will save you more time and bad times. 5 You have a scientific son.-all children I know have more scientists than any adult. They make observations and test hypotheses about things and events that are to your around, for reaching conclusions on its operation. In this line of scientific research, might one day decide to disobey, or answer NO, as part of their evidence.

In that case we must accept it with maturity, patience and a bit of good sportsmanship. Soon come to the conclusion that we just love them and respect, and will conclude the experiment. Obviously there are so many reasons to disobey as children and parents around the world. But Do not worry! It is possible that these reasons have more to do with how (how, where, when), which with the Fund. I.e., children disobey us to love us. We continue to love them while we disobey. For more tips for positive discipline and family life, visit, in where you can join for free weekly news list.