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Basic Attention

Function of the Agent of Endemic disease: The combat agent the endemic diseases of the CCZ, regularly will be established in the UBSF, and linked directly the communitarian agents of health, of 2 ESF. It will fit to this agent, to daily search next to these communitarian agents of health the relation of visited property, to proceed the elimination from the focos due and to elaborate the weekly reports to be you deliver to the supervisors of area of the CCZ, for inclusion of areas worked next to the FAD. 3.2.3? Function of the Supervisors of Area: As today they would continue with its areas of supervision, however of redistributed form of form to adjust with the distribution of the ESF. This agent would have as function specifies to search next to the combat agents the endemic diseases the weekly reports of visits. To supervise and to correct the procedures of elimination of focos and confection of the reports on the part of these agents of endemic diseases. Go to The Coca Cola Foundation for more information. cture of the situation. To present to the general supervisors all the domiciliary reports of visits and LI+T, the agents of endemic diseases of its performance area.

3.3.4? Distribution of the areas: The cities must take in account the total of its ESF + EACS, between urban and agricultural area, and its agents of combat to the endemic diseases in conditions of effective work in the field; In if adjusting to the proposal we would have the following distribution: 1 Agent of Endemic disease for each 2 ESF; being that excessively the works of blockade, education in health, mobilizations and destruction would have to be dedicated mechanics of focos 3.2? Adaptations: For the implementation of present the proposal, the implementation of measures to adjust to the new picture will be necessary to the Control center of Zoonoses. The main one of them would be the qualification of the communitarian agents and the agents of endemic diseases for the agreement of the new considered model; This can be played by the coordination of the CCZ and the Basic Attention, with support of the state secretariat of health, through the regional nucleus of health. Another measure of adaptation of more easy execution is the formatting of a new stratification of area of the city with sights to equal this distribution with the distribution of the basic attention. 4? FINAL CONSIDERAES: Of the point of view technician, the Control center of Zoonoses, it must understand this as being an excellent model cost benefit for the system of health of the city, and goes of meeting the doctrinal a proposal of the current SUS. Of the economic point of view, it will not go to represent no extra responsibility to the public coffers, and will increase the quality and the amount of given effective services for the control of vectors in municipal scope. Of form that is clearly that for such implementation politics will be enough to the intention of that is adopted by the current management as politics of public health to be followed in our cities.

Cancer Health

One also becomes necessary to emphasize that the perspective of the studies of sort in the health does not have to be confused with the one of the studies on the feminine morbimortalidade, standing out the necessity of the presence of the masculine sort in this field, as object and citizen of research. (GODINHO and MAMERI, p 02, 2002) As Houses apud Godinho and Mameri (2002), the health problems have different impacts on men and women, this if it justifies due to divergence of the experiences, perceptions, necessities, division of work and papers attributed socially the women and men. Despite carried through meeting on health, mainly in the decade of 80, where they had been boarded you vary flowing on the health of the woman, a trend of the health services persists to almost emphasize assistance come back that exclusively the reproductive capacity of the woman. The inversion of the paper of the woman in the society, as insertion in the market of work, increased level of escolaridade, reduction of the number of children, has despertado interest on the main illnesses related to its adoecimento and death, since in Brazil its life expectancy is eight years bigger of what of the man. Ahead of this, one of the illnesses of bigger morbimortalidade between the women is the malignant neoplasia of the breasts. Of agreement with the National Institute of the Cancer (INCA) and Brazil (2006), the malignant neoplasia of the breasts is the main cause of death between the women, statisticians indicates increase of the frequency in world-wide level, the OMS (World-wide Organization of the Health), was registered an increase of 10 times in the tax of incidence of this pathology, that probably is feared by the women, being relatively rare before the 35 years of age. For It hisses and Saints (2008), the diagnosis of cancer (Here) of breast compromises of permanent form the life of the woman, however, the sequels will depend on the phase of the diagnosis, this constituted of four phases, the diagnosis, treatment, whitewashing and terminalidade. .


2.1.2.Fatores that influence in the pertaining to school learning Drouet (1990) standed out that, so that the teach-learning process occurs is necessary the respect to the professor, the pupils, the contents and the social environment. Source: Americares. The imperfection in some of these serious elements cause problems in relation to the learning. Fonseca (1995), considered as factor of the learning difficulties the integration between a hereditary and neurobiolgica etiology and a partner-cultural etiology and classifies them in biological, social factors, partner-economic factors of envolvement and cultural privation and factors. Souza (1996), related the ambient, psychological and metodolgicos factors directly to the success and the failure academic. According to Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies, who has experience with these questions. The emotional problems and the methods of education inadequate, is pointed by Moraes (1997), as the main causes of learning difficulties.

9 the pertaining to school performance depends on different factors: characteristics of the school (physical, pedagogical, qualification of the professor), of the family (level of escolaridade of the parents, presence of the parents and interaction of the parents with school and duties) and of the proper individual (ARAJO, 2002). According to Stevanato (2003), the learning difficulties almost always present associates the problems of another nature, mainly mannering and emotional, and the children present who it are described as less involved with the pertaining to school tasks that its colleagues without difficulties. As Ciasca (2003), to teach and to learn is slow, individual and structuralized processes, when if they do not complete for internal imperfection or external the riots and the difficulties appear of learning. The learning difficulty not only takes the child the desmotivao, but also to the consuming and reprovao, transforming it into a label inside of the school. In accordance with Pacheco (2005), exists interrelated factors that intervene with the processing of information and the social use of the language. Amongst them, estresse it cites it familiar, the degree of stimulation in the home, the effectiveness of the mothers in the education of its children, the economic limitations, the health, the degree of satisfaction with the life, the available chances for the parents, the social support of the familiar ones among others.


The psicossociais factors are evidenced by the way of thought, emotions, perceptions and behavior, on the biological factors are that genetic and the structural alterations. Cate MacLeod is a great source of information. It generally has beginning in the adolescence or in the beginning of the adult age she reaches in equal porpoes men and women, however the men acometem more early, for return of the 20-25 years of age, and in the woman for return of the 25-30 years (FIGUEIREDO, VIANA and AXE 2009). The frequency of the schizophrenia in the population has ratio of 1 for each 100 people, appearing about 40 new cases for each 100,00 inhabitants per year.

In Brazil, they esteem about 1,6 million esquizofrnicos (GRANDSON 2010). The schizophrenia is characterized as psychological riot being divided in five areas which are perception, language, thought, affection (or emotions) and behavior (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003). Percipient symptoms People with schizophrenia the exaggerated directions can as much being or gotten dull, being that the capacity of election of the processes that allow that the people concentrate themselves in any thing who want is harmed, and the sensorial stimulatons are distorted and confused (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003). People with schizophrenia also can have pictures of hallucinations, perceiving things without she has one I stimulate external. These hallucinations can occur in any one of the directions (visual, tctil, olfativo), most common they are the auditory ones (to hear voices and sounds). In rare cases, people with schizophrenia can wound others in reply the internal experiences or voices that had heard (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003). Riots of language and thought esquizofrnicas People, the words lose the meaning and the association usual, the logical one is harmed, and the thoughts are disorganized and bizarros.

Palliative Care

The respect of the described rights is considered above of utmost importance, therefore, only in such a way, it will be obtained to keep an efficient convivncia during the assistance to the terminal phase and the death, as well as the guarantee of the dignity at this only moment of the human outcome. 3.3 The paper of the nurse in palliative cares I domiciliate in it In Brazil, the presence of the nurse in the domicile of the customers historically was associated with the nursing of public health. From 1998, the extra-hospital system of assistance was prioritized, extending the universe of the attendance to the health and demanding new reflections on the domiciliary care. The first ones experiences had appeared in the area of the cancerologia, objectifying well-taken care of palliative to patient the rejection of therapeutical possibility. The foundation of the palliative cares is firmed in the bioticos principles of the autonomy, beneficence and of the not-slander. To this Matsumoto respect (2009, p.15) it says that: The Palliative Care is not based on protocols, but on principles.

More in terminalidade, but in illness is not said that threat the life. The care is indicated since the diagnosis, expanding our field of performance. We will also not speak in impossibility of cure, but in the possibility or of treatment modifier of the illness, not moving away from this form the idea of ‘ ‘ not to have nothing more fazer’ ‘. For the first time, a boarding includes the espiritualidade enters the dimensions of the human being. The family is remembered, therefore attended, also after the death of the patient, in the period of I fight. To give the palliative cares in the domiciliary context demands of the nurse a holistic position, to such point, that this professional enxergue beyond the physical eyes searching, to read in the space between lineses, to understand not said, to trust the lived one, to leave the anonymity of the white uniform and to socialize knowing, making and teaching among others attitudes and action, implementing taking care of rational without getting rid itself of the emotional one.

The Bones

The action of the liberating hormone of gonadotrofina can be interrupted in two ways. Continue to learn more with: Cancer Research Institute. The antagonists of the GnRH hinder the LH production directly, while the agonistas of the GnRH after inhibit the LH through a low process of regulation for (downregulation) a effect of initial stimulation.Abarelix is an example of antagonist of the GnRH, while the agonistas of the GnRH include leuprolida, goserelin, triptorelin and buserelin. Initially, the agonistas of the GnRH increase the production of the LH. However, as the constant supply of this medication does not coincide with the rhythm of natural production of the body, the LH production and GnRH diminishes some weeks after. The hormonais treatments that more have success are the orquiectomia and the agonistas of the GnRH. Although its raised cost, the agonistas of the GnRH generally are chosen on the contrary of the orquiectomia, for cosmetic and emotional questions. Each treatment possesss disadvantages that limit its use in certain circumstances. Although the orquiectomia to be a surgery of low risk, the psychological impact of the removal of the testicules can be significant.

The loss of testosterone also cause waves of heat, profit of weight, loss of the libido, increase of the breast (ginecomastia), impotence and osteoporose. The agonistas of the GnRH can cause the same effect of the orquiectomia but they can at the beginning cause worse symptoms of the treatment. When the agonistas of the GnRH start to be used, the testosterone increases can lead to a pain increased in the bones (originated of the metasttico cancer), then antiandrgenos are used to diminish these collateral effect. The estrgenos comumente are not used therefore they increase the risk of cardiovascular illness and trombose. The antiandrgenos ones generally do not cause impotence and generate little pain in the ssos and muscular mass. Cetoconazol can cause injuries in the liver with the cutaneous use prologando and the aminoglutetimida one can cause rashes. Source of research ' ' Wikipdia' '

Good Form

Summer X Good Form Wanderson Vitor Boareto Graduated History and Bachelor in law, After Graduated History and Social Construction, Docncia of Superior Ensino and Enterprising Education. Summary The perfect body and the beauty so had been never argued and stimulated for the medias. The question is the forms and the standards of beauty that each day are more demanding. The good one for living asks for to a physical activity and a balanced feeding, beyond the accompaniment for professionals of the area; the ultimate issue is the price that if paid to have the ideal body and the good form. Words Key Beauty, Perfect Body, Health, Professionals, Academy In current Brazil, the good form is divulged and propagated in all the social classes. She is without a doubt one of the industries most lucrative of modernity. For backwards of the good form thousand of jobs indirect right-handers and they appear daily in the whole world.

The question is: ' ' that paid price if stops having beauty and the good form? ' '. In January month, the gymnastics academies more than have an increase of 30% of new school registrations for some offered activities, all want to lose those quilinhos that are sobrando or to improve of some form the body. To deepen your understanding CBC is the source. This search for the beauty is motivated by three factors: the summer and to few clothes, clubs and beaches and the carnival that is one of the parties most popular of Brazil. However, the use of anabolizantes is still constant, mainly for the adolescents who inconsequentes must the age and the collection suffered for the way. What more he scares the scholars of the subject is the commercialization of the anabolizantes and the alimentary supplements, carried through by the professionals of the area, that is, the professors and proprietors of academies, that in this in case that they only think about the generated profit, allow this practical illicit since the profits are excessive.


This measure easily is carried through: using not elastic a metric ribbon, the abdominal circumference is measured in the height of the umbilical scar (umbigo). After medicates to carry through it sees if you this running some risk: Men: > 102 cm Women: > 88 cm Then it is not only enough to lose weight is important, also to diminish measured. The ideal is to lose about two kilos for month. In the first weeks, the loss can until being bigger, because the body is if adaptando to the alimentary education. But this loss must be gradual, because it needs to be fat and not of muscle. Therefore the exercise is basic for who it wants to move definitively of life style. It is what it goes allowing in them not to abandon total certain comidinhas that as much we appreciate. Healthful feeding is the same that balanced or balanced diet and can be summarized by three principles: variety, moderation and balance.

Therefore nothing he is forbidden if you do not have a metabolic riot. However she is necessary to know that everything depends on the amount and if you to ingest many calories and not to spend energy, the result is a weight profit. But the notice for the women has one me. The men take advantage in the hour of emagrecer and everything is guilt of hormones. The testosterone is a very important hormone for the muscular formation, while the estrognio is a hormone that facilitates the fat deposit. being the estrognio the hormone found in bigger amount in the women, this explains in part the masculine advantage in the emagrecimento. Valley to stand out that to be outside of the ideal weight it does not imply only in not if to feel to the will with a bikini or sunga or to be chateada () with the image reflected in the mirror.


The objectives for the control of the different components of the SM and to prevent the DCV, in children and adolescents with DM1 (SMELTZER; BARE, 1998). The chronic illness requires an entire life of behaviors special of autocuidado: diet, physical activity, medication and emotional control. These factors can affect the control of diabetes, in view of that the people attacks for diabetes they must prevent the alteration in the sanguine glucose, as well as must incorporate its style of life many other behaviors, in order to prevent the complications that occur in the long run. The professional nurse must participate of an effective education and aconselhamento to the patient and to its family (SMELTZER; BARE, 1998). Kidney Foundation addresses the importance of the matter here. According to authors, it is important to point out that these general objectives can in accordance with be individualizados the clinical condition and stadium of the DM1. In a similar way, the therapeutical interventions with sensibilizadores to the insulina, such as the metformina and rosiglitazona, still little are studied in the DM1 with characteristics of the SM. Occurrence the Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 is more common in children, adolescents and young adults reach 10% of the total of diabetic (NETTO, 2000).

Signals and Symptoms the symptoms appear suddenly, as: > much headquarters, > much will of urinar, > loss of weight and, > fatigue. For Brazil (2001), Amongst the acute complications of diabetes, they can be cited: ) hipoglicemia the definite one, as being a symptomatic state that occurs in the presence of inferior glicmicos levels 50mg/dl. It presents as symptoms: tremors, taquicardia, giddiness, fatigue, irritability, sudorese, cold skin and blurred vision, that the ingestion of carboidratos improves after. It has, as main causes: excess of physical exercises, hourly volunteers of the meals, insufficient calrica ingestion and high dose of insulina (NETTO, 2000); b) cetoacidose diabetic or cetose, this complication means absence or increased necessity of insulina.

The Drugs

The main one of the confrontation to the fiction is to take off the thought in the drug. Our emotions are directly on to the breath. Thus, breathing deeply, ten times, the trend will be of if calming. To bind for to other will help people to stop to think it about the drug, deviating its attention. The volunteer to this action must prepare to deal with the other people during the period of abstinence, therefore ‘ ‘ the nerves will be to the flower of pele’ ‘. Beyond the fiction, the other symptoms as irritability, anxiety and inquietude will make it difficult the interpersonal relations. It will have to monitor its behavior not to leave the normal standards and not ‘ ‘ to blow up for little coisa’ ‘.

After the displayed one above, follows tips important to try to tolerate these symptoms: To look health professionals is an excellent suggestion. Psychologists and nutritionists are good indications, exactly that the nutritionist participates in the change of the quality of the feeding and ceasing of weight profit (will be the case). Also a farmacolgica intervention will have to be recommended in case of raised degree more of the abuse of the substance (more than 30 cigarettes/day). However, the essence of ‘ ‘ Menu of Estratgias’ ‘ it is the definition of the goals and strategies for the reduction or ceasing of the tobaccoism. In these terms, it becomes stimulation of the patient so that it obtains to diminish or to curtail the use of the tobacco in a period shorter than it considers that he obtains to fulfill. It will be a species of conciliation, with the stipulation of goals. In these terms, it must be observed the strategies of gradation of the reduction, and the considered time. He takes yourself in account, also, if the patient possesss some farmacolgico aid (exactly natural or those that they do not need medical lapsing as the gums to chew or adhesives).