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Volunteers to the rescue … Fellow citizens willing to work for free: in return they get something that can not be bought and five top-managerial salaries. They deal with difficult teenagers, visit kids in orphanages, working with orphaned children in boarding schools, seminars and protests. All of this – free of charge and voluntary. Here are some of the volunteers involved in charitable programs. "… I'm just sorry that people are so selfish.

Actually, I have something to do. I have two children, worked as a manager in the company. To be honest, time starved – explains Olga – but forget about these kids I can not, and do not want to …. " Three months ago, this young women gathered to bring kids from the orphanage some gifts. Introduced in the search engine "aid orphans", but instead of the proposals came across a forum dedicated to the problems of orphans. "Some days are not could recover from all these stories about kids, how they live in foster homes, what their difficulties, the problems they encounter when leaving the child care ", – says Olga. At first, she thought to show participation, transferring money to the orphanage, and buy them gifts, but when she realized "the scale of the problem" – joined to volunteer.

The most conservative estimate of the capital about three thousand abandoned children. Of course, our State has been working in this direction, but there is not enough. Volunteers IBO "Look," indifferent to this problem is actively involved, self-dividing the field of operations: someone comes to the children – communicate, engage with them, someone comfortable with a variety of activities to children – trips to the skating rink, a planetarium, and someone raises money for medicines and gifts.

Play Internet Radio

At that time, as the popularity of radio ceases, the radio on the Internet, on the contrary it becomes very popular. This trend appears reasonable continuation of the increased interest in the Internet as an inexhaustible source of content. On Currently free radio online, according to their popularity among users will be able to freely compete with the famous online games and social networks. For many who are accustomed to listening to the radio online at work and at home, Internet radio is a true godsend. Now everyone can listen to the radio online for free.

This is a fundamental factor in the relevance of radio through the Internet. And also here, add good quality and Select the desired bitrate. The Coca Cola Foundation pursues this goal as well. Division of bit rate allows you to listen to Internet radio using the connection Dial-up. Also, online radio has no boundaries. Each user can easily connect to a foreign wave at This broadcast will be carried live on television. It is surprising that Internet radio listening online for free was not always possible. Large U.S. Other leaders such as Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions offer similar insights.

companies, which have mostly radio stations in America For a long time carried the litigation to preserve its copyrights to the live webcast, and translation services in charge mode. Today it is difficult to talk about the end of this struggle, unnecessarily Court has not yet issued a ruling. Fortunately for domestic users, the Internet does not experience these seizures and, therefore, free radio for our people became the norm. In all probability, just so many people prefer internet radio. Listen to Internet radio Nowadays, perhaps in specialized services and software, which can include software players, which make it possible to select a radio station after installation. What specifically option to elect everyone decides for himself, the main thing to keep out the fraudsters, which can eventually spoil the impression. Protect yourself from fraud can be simple, reliable method of giving preference to the audited services.

Smirnov Alexander Ilyich

Is there even a rare editions, as an example, file magazine “Leningrad” in 1943. In nearly a century long drawers It retains all of the recorded jokes ever since. Recorded them on separate sheets, the same records the date and name of publication, from which issued an anecdote. Jokes classified under the headings: “Doctors and patients”, “Air Force and Navy”, “traffic police and drivers,” “Students and lecturers, etc. Today, such entries are more than three hundred …

In the artistic heritage AI Smirnova, except for previously issued pamphlets and minor joke books, two volumes of “Just anecdote” and the first book in the series “It’s not everyone knows.” By the way, his books he published in the Moscow publishing houses, as to publish the book in Russia cheaper than in Ukraine. Recently Alexander Ilyich changed the direction of his passion and started a new column “It’s not everyone knows.” In it he wrote down interesting stories from the life of prominent people of all ages. It turns out though not bad, at least, his first book under that name, was a success among fans of humor. Chief Anekdotniku Poltava, was 70 years old. More info: Warren Buffett. Prior to his 70-year anniversary of the Poltava Alexander I.

Smirnov has prepared a gift – he had collected 70,000 jokes. For assistance, try visiting Abdul Sattar Edhi. Therefore, it a modest apartment in Poltava can be rightfully called a treasure trove of hilarious wisdom. It is true, then it could have ended quite sadly. Although there was Khrushchev’s “thaw”, but for the jokes might not have big trouble. A especially – the officer. Led him to this, the amateur classes. Was accordionist, performed, and as entertainers. To replenish the repertoire and took to collect a variety of tricks, smeshinki and anecdotes. And carried away, as say, for life. – Engaged in it when he served in the Air Division in Poltava, then, in the Far North, and later – again in Poltava – tells AI Smirnov. – Mostly used a variety of periodicals, mostly humor: Soviet and pre-revolutionary, and foreign. Gathered specific, pure (funny) 6ibliotechku. In it – more than 600 books and about 3,000 magazines. Journals – example: “Pepper” “Crocodile” in 1947 Smirnov Alexander Ilyich. Born on 18 June 1929, pp. Katsbah, Kizilskogo district, Chelyabinsk region. He graduated from the Chelyabinsk aviation school at the exchange rate, platoon commander communications in 1950. Served: Poltava, Tiksi, Irkutsk, 1976, graduated from the service.


Collect its best in spring, during flowering, in bloom it is very early, as soon as the snow come down. In the summer, grass rises high and it is very difficult to find. The plant is very poisonous, upon touching the skin causes burns and is lethal to humans, some grapes, so collect it in a gloves and exercise extreme caution. It does not occur in large numbers, so few noticed. The five six years in the plant is rarely higher than two feet. Recently BSA sought to clarify these questions. Wormwood is often used sabakavodami as prevention of parasites, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, making of this grass mat for dogs. Drugs are the roots and tops of plants. Which is used in kidney stone disease, the common cold, headache, in the form of dressings.

The roots are used in tincture form at Gynecology, epilepsy, neurasthenia. Decoction drunk as a vermifuge and an anesthetic. Crow's Eye This plant is very poisonous. After eating a few berries, you can go to sleep and never wake up ever. In ancient times it was often used in magic and witchcraft. In modern medicine, it is appreciated homeopathy. Perhaps check out Marko Dimitrijevic for more information.

Making it a cure for neurological diseases, pain in the head and face. Rosehip is rich in vitamins, and is particularly useful to us in the winter time when the body is short of vitamins. It can be zaparivat in a thermos and drink as tea. Harvest hips in the autumn, during ripening. Healing are not only the hips, but its roots and leaves.

Price Collection Coins

Collecting coins is a very exciting activity, which requires not so much enthusiasm, how much real money. There is probably a period of numismatics, which would not contain rare or rare coins. A collection is considered complete if it contains all the necessary instances, even despite the fact that some can cost a fortune. Center For Responsible Lending is likely to agree. In principle, this is the main goal – to assemble a collection of the latest coins. In general, each numismatist chooses the principle on which he intends to collect coins, for example, only gold coins or modern pogodovku. Get more background information with materials from Center For Responsible Lending.

The decisive factor, as a rule, are the financial opportunities the collector, and the availability of channels through which you can buy coins. Gavin Baker does not necessarily agree. ment Partners has said that publicly. For the cost of the coins needed to add some more costs. For example, not less expensive items are required for each are different objects numismatist for storing coins, for example, an album for the coins, various boxes, holders, etc. Also here is attributed guides for coins, numismatic literature, encyclopedias, and software for organizing collections, etc. Still leaves a tidy sum. Often the price is almost equal to the value of a collection of related items. Of course, not all coin collectors can afford to buy expensive accessories, they are better for the money will add a collection of material. Only when the cost of collection to reach a good amount, and how you can save coins to think. For the sake of example, such small numbers all the anniversary of the USSR rubles today can be bought for 4,000 rubles, pogodovku Soviet Coins reform in 1961 for 100,000 rubles coins in 1958 at least 50,000 rubles each, some coins in 2001 to 20,000 rubles each. You see, what interesting times prices do occur. Perhaps this is why coin collectors tend not to disclose all of its collection and store it in the bank.