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Comedian Maria Markus

In the programme there are also including movies, readings, and lectures from the world of the fantastic scientific topics. “Iron Modeler” wanted this competition has a long tradition in the United States and is performed every year during the events of “Wonder Festival”. From the Group of applications teams of 2-3 are formed by ballot modelers, who must build a model for a given topic within 90 minutes. The theme will be announced until the start of construction, creativity is so needed. Each team receives a “base Kit”, which must be fitted with the creation and may also operate from a pool of “Model construction scrap”. The finished models are evaluated by the SpaceDays team, there are trophies and prizes. The winning team may also carry the title of “Iron Modeler”. Who wants to participate must register previously by E-Mail at Marco Scheloske, until at the latest on August 30, 2010.

The email address is charity action in favour of “wunschdirwas e.V.” wunschdirwas e.V. is a registered non-profit association with headquarters in Cologne, who became severely ill Children and adolescents nationwide dreams fulfilled. Founded in March 1989, already 5,000 dreams could make wunschdirwas to his 20th anniversary in March 2009 come true. In cooperation with physicians and therapists 60 children’s hospitals and clinics in Germany, many volunteers as a request er filler are active for the Club. Many supporters and sponsors help wunschdirwas its commitment, to give joy and new energy uncurable children with the fulfillment of a dream. Prominent ambassadors of the Association are Dressage Rider Nadine Capellmann, the author Cornelia Funke and Comedian Markus Maria Markus.

The SpaceDays ask for anyone who want to shoot our costumed fans, a small, voluntary fee in favour of wunschdirwas e.V. A charity auction is also planned. Were donated for this purpose including an exclusive guided tour of the Darmstadt space operations centre ESOC or tickets for Europe’s largest science fiction Convention, the Federation con held in Dusseldorf. Opening hours & more info opening hours are Saturday from 13 to 19: 00 and on Sunday from 10 to 18 h. Exhibition space is again this year the Burgerhaus “Ernst-Ludwig-Saal” in the Darmstadt district Eberstadt (Swan Street), which offers three levels of 300 square feet of space.

Tupperware Bowl

If the artworks but 1-2 hours at 50 degrees in the oven, you are definitely on the right track. Warning: The oven is too hot, the salt dough bubbles or gets even cracks. Who has only an oven where you not can set such low temperatures, which leaves just the oven door a crack. Because salt dough is time sensitive (as regards the jaws) you should plan a better more time something. But it is worth! It is important that the forms at the counter tapping hollow sound, then they are done. A shame but if the artworks from salt dough break down. Salt dough in other colors coloring can be the salt dough with cocoa, Curry, paprika powder, instead of water cooled, brewed coffee take with food colors or Plakafarben. Everything well knead until the ingredients are evenly distributed.

Or you painted the finished salt dough figures / buildings with water color, Acrylic paint, or Plakafarbe. Because of the used salt in the dough, the finished characters/objects are however sensitive to water. Appropriate are therefore acrylic paints and acrylic paint. Then works are coated twice with lacquer. Salt dough you have left and you run out of ideas? You can keep remnants of the salt dough in airtight container in the refrigerator for a long time. Or the salt dough in a Tupperware Bowl place a damp kitchen paper on top and covered with the lid closed. So the salt dough holds up to 2 weeks and you can implement the next idea on another day. Just try it out. You are probably addicted. Smart look at – for a still more beautiful garden year! ANI – gartentipps24.de

Blossoms Of Fire In The Dortmund Westfalen Park

“Fireworks Festival Star magic fascinating highlight puts blossoms of fire, waterfalls of silver spark, weeping willows, whose glittering Blatter which cascade across the sky that everything be the spectators at the Fireworks Festival Star magic” can marvel at the Westfalen Park. On September 19th, three professional pyrotechnicians ignite their artworks among the expectant eyes of park visitors and jurors. 9,000 fully enthusiastic spectators saw last September at the star magic”in the Hoeschpark to. A great success, we still want to beat this year”, says Organizer Gerhard Gollner the energy music publisher. Because Gabrielle is expecting more visitors than before, the Fireworks Festival attracts star magic”by the Hoeschpark in the Westfalenpark.

He offers best conditions for the pyrotechnic events. Newly added is an epicurean Cateringmeile, as well as a varied programme that best maintains the viewers from 19: 00 until the onset of darkness. Followed by the brilliant Moment: Stunning works of ground fire and missiles with fantastic rain of fire are sent with elaborate computer technology after months elaborate choreographies in the night sky. Any Funke must fit to the music. A jury that best succeeds in which pyrotechnicians, decides at the end. Three artists have time to win the jury and audience for 20 minutes. Viewers will see how vary the pyrotechnicians their Fireworks. “” Each is an individual work of art, that captivates the audience for themselves “, describes the particular emotional atmosphere at the Fireworks Gerhard Gollner Festival Star magic”. Fireworks Festival Star magic in the Westfalenpark Dortmund: 19.9.2009 intake: 18: 00 start programme: 19: 00 entrance: Presale: standing bib 8.00 plus presale fee, seat 16,00 plus presale fee; AK: Standing 12,00, seat 24.00; Children up to 12 years have free entry in the General admission area!

Munich Tel

Whether the so is every man for himself should decide. “” The fact is: according to an Emnid poll of the magazine Playboy “had until 2004 only one ninth wall acting on” sex. In particular younger Germans show increased flexibility in the choice of their partners: every fourth between 16 and 29 years were ever to have slept with someone from the other part of Germany. An indication that the reunification not only political, but also emotional, slowly but surely progressing. “” East “or West”: so the nationwide love dance remains an affair of the heart, the prevention with condoms should be self-evident in all federal States.

About Ansell of Ansell is a global market leader in the field of protection products. Ansell confirmed its leading position in the market for condoms, as well as in the markets for gloves made of natural latex and synthetic polymer with branches in America, Europe and Asia and more than 11,000 employees. In February 2008, the Ansell GmbH merged in Munich with the condomi health international GmbH. In the resulting Ansell GmbH, branch office Cologne, concentrates its activities on the German condom market Ansell limited and distributes the condom varieties ES2 (extra sensitive) lifestyles under the new umbrella brand, ER2 (tear resistant) and EF2 (easy-fit). The German AIDS Foundation helps more information see and of the German AIDS Foundation HIV-positive since 1987 and people in physical distress diseased from AIDS. Today, the Foundation received more than 60,000 requests from needy people and helped victims in need individually and through project funding with over 30 million euros.

Since the year 2000 the Deutsche AIDS Stiftung supports also help projects in addition to their involvement in Germany worldwide. The funding focuses in southern Africa affected by HIV and AIDS. With their aid the German AIDS Foundation has evolved into the largest AIDS charity in Germany, the affected material and psychological support. Information, see.

Unique Gift Idea

There are many special occasions where you want to give something away or needs creative gift ideas In the course of a year.The normal gift holidays such as Christmas and Easter, many other occasions such as birthday, mother’s day, training, apartment inauguration anniversary joined, anniversary, wedding day and and and… The calendar with entries as a reminder that you need to get another gift with numerous red markings will be provided with a large family and circle of friends.Each time you need a most beautiful and creative idea to make a pleasure to the person that you want to personalize.That maybe fine a relatively long time, but one day the point is reached where one sometimes run out of ideas.Many access then so not with empty hands, to the infamous voucher, or a map with Geldeinlage.Diese that represent the most painful and most impersonal way of gifts.To save themselves about this moment but it leaves with his gift of really fun and sustainability not sure donee person. If you want to make a gift to a person, it is mostly a personal Bezug.Meist this is a relative or friend who is a close, or at least one person from the closer Bekanntenkreis.Dieses means that one has some information about this person or by questioning if necessary can find it. If one has a knowledge about what the person to beschenkende, or she goes after what hobbies or other interests, then you have already a solid base for a Geschenk.Nun you must find something that this information offered in the form of a gift article and converts. When it comes to creativity, sustainability and usefulness of a gift, there is a special genre for gift ideas called screws males. These are manufactured as the name already suggests of screws, nuts and other metallic ingredients lovingly crafted. Their special form gives them an artistic figure and deliberately wanted fun Aussehen.Sie be out of many Areas and situations of ordinary life such as occupations or sports faithfully recreated.If you now apply the information about the person to beschenkende, you will find the right gift in one of the many categories. Serve as decoration and are always a fun eye-catcher in every case and the recipient can enjoy for a long time about their sight. With such a kind of gift does one prove then also creativity and gives the recipient that it has made really intense thoughts about him and his gift. The most beautiful of all gifts is a screw male as a gift joy and a smile on the lips of the Beschenkten.Mit can I get this in any case. Raimond Langer