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Internal Sales

On the other hand, traditional shops understand the need to create an Internet point for sales of household appliances. For example, Kiev store refrigerators Saksaghans'kogho 1967 are now available on the Internet as a chill store. To date, shop selling refrigerators, simply can not exist without the Internet. According to the official blog price.ua, the determining criterion for choosing the place of purchase of household appliances for 40% of Ukrainians is the low level of prices. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with AGDQ 2021. A wide range of goods important for 33% of buyers. For 32% of customers – quality products, convenient location – 27%, the presence of sales, discounts – to 22%. The first two requirements are easily satisfied online stores, because they are able to offer the lowest prices on the market (20-30% below traditional stores), as well as an extremely wide range, because products in stores and online in the traditional retail outlets appear almost simultaneously and virtually in the same range.

Y Many consumers have already formed a simple stereotype "and the internet is cheaper, which is why very few people will already make a purchase without checking prices online. After just a few minutes you can see the proposals for a model of dozens of companies using the same directory Hotline. Though there are pitfalls: for competition in about 50 companies on a refrigerator of Atlanta, are the company knowingly publish false, depressed prices, in order to attract buyers. When a person calls in a firm, he was politely informed: out of date or price, or product was only yesterday, and today is no more. Thus, on the one hand, among the Ukrainian users have a certain distrust of Internet firms, and it is – a barrier that must be level for business development in this area. And, on the other hand, despite this, still have a place to be certain abuses, misleading the buyer on the market.

However, the development of Internet sales is not so important for small settlements. First, the number of Internet users is minimal. Secondly, even in the presence of large networks, consumers often prefer purchase goods from the small entrepreneur, perhaps even at an inflated price. In smaller towns, townships, villages, shop owned by a neighbor, relative, friend. Powered psychological effect. Shop assistant – not faceless employees of large network and people who can be trusted or come with a complaint. Since the claims would be to turn to, without the paperwork. However, a moment of trust and quality of vendors and relevant for large cities. In small shops usually can meet the attentive and friendly attitude. In large retail chains staff turnover, higher customer flow and service delivered to the conveyor. At the While in small shops, the seller will have a direct benefit from the sale and, consequently, great interest in the purchaser. Large retailers also tend to improve service and lower prices for attract buyers. Is the objective of mass advertising with lots of encouraging slogans. Declared stocks with low prices on some models, established bonus program. But the Ukrainian consumer due to long-term decline of purchasing power, as it were, depends crucially on the real price of goods. Internet in this sense is easily accessible operational tool – namely, reference prices, which looks at the average Ukrainian consumer first and foremost when choosing a product.