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Need Creative Ideas

There are hundreds of ideas that can be developed in the network and those ideas are waiting to be led by women, tenacious, competent, executives, professionals. The boom in these moments is writing book, give rights to someone to give away them and thus generate traffic, they write books to give away to others who leave their emails so that they teach them the secret of selling and at the same time you are told to make copies of this book to the teach others to sell this book more people doubling. All we are looking for the secret of something, everyone wants to pay for that you give us the secret of eternal youth, happiness, prosperity, love, money, everything what tell us that it is the secret that encourages us, everything you save us the time and effort that draws us, that secret is no longer so secret it doing a few to earn money in the Internet and meanwhile the others continue buying what the few call the secret of something creativity is lost, there are templates to make capture pages, templates for the web, template for all pages. Doing business on the Internet is becomes a repeat of all those who seem to have the key of the excited and even seems credible that does not speak of the lifestyle of the Internet, words, the same pictures, the same good games, House, yacht, aircraft, the money, the same appears in the templates, highlighted and in bold letters that according to connoisseurs they reach our subconscious and impel us to put our card to buy what they We sell. Already not distinction much between what it will be truth or an affiliate program, no longer is if truth is the author of something or the referral of something. And is not in disagreement with the affiliate programs even though I have my doubts of some, but really if I want to find more quality. Is that there are business opportunities in the network that are waiting for be led, and I see them in really creative specialized directories which promotes the restaurants or businesses that have had much development as boxes of fruit farmers take their home pages, or pages that they promote business sectors and where you can find everything you you want and need in a sector specific, and in pages that allow you to develop a website and at the same time offer you all the tools you need a business to grow within the network.