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The Widget

This is followed by a title, description and a link which explains what food is and what website it is associated. The final part of the header information is optional image. Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. If you use this software used to analyze or read the file may show a small image as a logo. Note that in these examples I used brackets instead of angle brackets. xml version = “1.0” encoding = “iso-8859-1”? rss version = “2.0” channel title The Widget news feed / title description The latest news about widgets / description link / link Image title Widget News / title url widget.gif / url link / link / images The body of the file consists of the news. For every item is included on the label of the article consists of a title, description and date of publication. The date should be in the format indicated in the following example.

Title What’s better than the widget? / Title description In this article we talk about the release of several new widgets, but that is the best widget. / Description pubDate Sun, 20 Mar 2005 14:38:50 GMT / pubDate link the-best-widgets.html / link / item You can have as many items as you like in food but many webmasters just show the 10 most recent articles to keep bandwidth usage down and also not to overwhelm the end user with too elements. Finally, the file is ended with the closing channel tag and a closing tag of RSS. / Channel / rss I have covered the basic tags to create an RSS file, there are other tags which can be used and are explained in (RSS 2.0) specification. Once created, the file will have to check it’s okay to do upload the file to your server and then go to this to validate the file. Your file is ready. Now anyone can subscribe to their feed just by pointing her to your RSS file.

That’s the basics covered.

The Crafts Foman Part Of Our Roots And Are Can Be Converted In A Promising Future

One of the drawbacks for handcrafted products are not striking for the potential buyer, is the deficiency of the quality and the low responsiveness for orders in high or medium quantities. In this we must be sincere, in large part it is true, the lack of training, not having knowledge of the projects that are developed in pro develop and promote the artisanal activity, make those statements a sad reality. But let’s also see what causes the desestimulo of artisans. Develop a completely handicraft product, with the added value that this has, out to the market at a price, for his way of seeing, just and found with surprise that when that product is already known to people, thanks to the work of the artisan, who has put in the work not only do it, but to market it and make it known, comes a product industrialized, with similar characteristics, at a much lower price, with an inevitable result, a craftsman cornered and finishing commercially speaking. Ignorance of the importance of the craft, not only sector It is consumer. Producers of items such as shoes, for example, does not give the importance that are situation that the Italian footwear artisans, facts at hand, if they take the most. Being craftsmen does not imply that we should put aside the benefits that has the technological development, the internet is one of the best showcases for any article and saying any obviously I am including the artisanal sector.

is a page that not only offer craft products, but it offers free advertising for small and medium entrepreneurs in the sector. It is no secret that the biggest problem for a business, is to make it known. Our goal is to help you develop that work through this technological tool. Original author and source of the article.